All dirt of last two weeks have started to settle gradually from this week. Today episode will bring a major revelation in front of viewers. 

The episode will start with Dr. Ishani coming in a room to meet Dr. Sid. She accuses Dr. Sid but Sanya comes out who is hiding behind him and give them thanks you cards made by her. Sanya even hugged both of them together. Dr. Ishani gets tensed more when she discovered that their cards get tangled with each other after Sanya left. She anyhow manages to separate cards saying that they are good when they separated and away (Alag aur dur hi acche hai). However, Dr. Sid says that though they are separated but not away (Alag hai par dur nahi). 

Dr. Ishani collides with someone. She goes to cafe and ask for Vada Pav. She remembers Dr. Sid. Later, Dr. Sid and Dr. Asha came but they are unaware that Dr. Ishani is sitting there too. Dr. Sid asks Dr. Asha to eat healthy and take vitamins regularly. But, for himself he asks for Vada Pav and remembers Dr. Ishani. Meanwhile, Dr. Ishani finds the stalker who was watching Dr. Asha.  

She stalks the talker and checked the CCTV room only to find out where he is presently. She goes to that construction place and gets control on him somehow. Dr. Ishani then pressurizes him to show his face and shocked to find out that its Dr. Aman. 

In the meantime, Dr. Sid learns that Dr. Ishani is after stalker. Worried, he searches her everywhere. 


Dr. Ishani questioning about Dr. Aman’s whereabouts when his phone fell down. She is shocked to see something on his phone. Here, Dr. Sid is searching for her.