In today’s episode Dr. Rahil rubbishes Dr. Ishani doubt on Dr. Asha saying that she is Dr. Sid’s wife and there is no reason for her to play with Dr. Sid’s career. Dr. Sid has saved her and her child. Dr. Ishani agrees and say may be her doubting Dr. Asha is wrong. 

Dr. Sid is waiting outside the meeting hall before time. Everyone coming to meeting see him waiting as he greets them. 

Dr. Asha think of an evil plan for Guddu. She pretend to be caring in front of Guddu. She pretend as if she talking to someone on phone who wanted to go to mandir to offer a coconut and ask for wish but she couldn’t as she is not well. Guddu thinks that he should go and make the offering to Lord. He leaves the house alone. 

Here, Vardhan says against Dr. Sid in board meeting. Later, Dr. Sid was called inside room. He was going inside when a junior doctor comes and gives him phone. On the other side it is Asha who again pretend to be caring and gives him news that Guddu is missing. Listening to this Dr. Sid immediately leaves hospital without attending meeting. 

Board members are waiting for Dr. Sid inside room but when he didn’t arrive. Dr. Anjali comes to check on him only to find out that he is missing. She informs board. They made an announcement for his name while board members gets furious on Dr. Sid’s action.  Dr. Anjali and Dr. Juhi sais that it must be some emergency but all board members are very angry on Dr. Sid. They try to go out when Dr. Ishani closes the door. Board members are trapped in room. 

Later, Dr. Ishani instructs Dr. Rahil not to open doors at any cost. Then she goes and asks something from every patient. 

Here, Dr. Sid meets Dr. Asha who is roaming on road pretending that she is searching Siddu. Dr. Sid sees Siddhu and run towards him but a van is about to hit Siddhu when Dr. Ishani saves him. All three discuss and Dr. Asha watch them thinking if Siddhu tells them her truth. 


Everyone votes including Dr. Shashank. Dr. Ishani comes out in tears (looking like happy tears) but Dr. Sid asks her is his career finished?