In today’s episode viewers will witness a restless Dr. Ishani after she discovers that her doubts on Dr. Asha is somewhat true. Since, Dr. Asha takes Dr. Sid home, Dr. Ishani calls him at mid night. Dr. Sid who was sleeping takes her phone thinking it some kind of emergency. Dr. Ishani tells Dr. Sid about Dr. Asha but on the other side, Dr. Asha held Dr. Sid’s hand away from his ear and he couldn’t able to hear what Dr. Ishani said. Dr. Asha then takes his phone and tells Dr. Ishani not to call him so late. 

Later, she makes a drama out of this and demands Dr. Sid to stay away from Dr. Ishani and to leave her. Next day, when Dr. Ishani tries to go near him he says no in sign language. Dr. Ishani turns and see Dr. Asha’s reflection who is smiling cunningly on her victory.

Vardhan BP is high when a junior doctor checks. In the meantime, ward boy says there is case of appendix removal but the person don’t have money. Vardhan thinks he got another chance to ruin Dr. Sid’s career and instruct him to admit the patient. 

Dr. Juhi talks to Dr. Shashank that everyone deserves a second chance like she got. Dr. Sid deserves a second chance too. 

Later, she gets a letter which says, Dr. Shashank is not so good as he pretend to be. She throw that letter in dustbin. Vardhan smiles and thinks letter can be thrown away but words remain in mind. 

Vardhan talks to Dr. Juhi about the case and suggests her that since no one else is free, she should assign the case to Dr. Sid. Dr. Juhi who believes in second chances thinks it as a good idea. 

Dr. Sid who is depressed to see surgery bulletin board without his name get a bit of hope when his name is written again for appendix. Dr. Juhi comes and says though it’s a small surgery but its his second chance. 

Dr. Sid is very happy in his cabin. Dr. Ishani learnt about Dr. Sid’s duty. But Dr. Sid is adamant on doing this surgery. 


Dr. Ishani find Dr. Sid sleeping on OT floor. She tries to wake him up but discovers that Dr. Juhi is watching them through door.