An episode only for Sidisha lovers. 

Dr. Sid is calling for Dr. Ishani outside her home while she is trying to resist inside her house. She asks him to leave but he don’t. (In fact he sings a song for her). Finally, when it starts raining Dr. Ishani comes out with an umbrella to cover him and they have a missed kiss again. Dr. Sid backed out but promises not to leave her. Dr. Ishani is sitting on road heartbroken.

He comes back home and despite of several questions asked by Dr. Asha, he takes care of her health and says that she will see her Deewangi for Dr. Ishani. 

Next day, he follows Dr. Ishani everywhere doing cute love stricken sequences like her name in between a heart, mirror reflection, calling her Jaaneman etc. which makes Dr. Ishani craving for more of him but she is resisting because of Dr. Asha. Everytime she crosses her, she remembers that she is wife of Dr. Sid. For Dr. Sid, Dr. Asha is non-existent and he ignores her completely. She is a pregnant woman for Dr. Sid, nothing more and he promised to take care of child. 

Vardhan meets a patient of Dr. Sid and talk to him something. Seems like he is up to something big again against Dr. Sid. Dr. Juhi requests Dr. Shashank to talk to Dr. Sid before going for a submit. 

Dr. Ishani is hiding from Dr. Sid outside morgue. Morgue doors opens by itself, Dr. Ishani gets in only to find out unusual happenings. A corpse changes its position and Dr. Ishani opens it’s quilt. She is in shock. 


Dr. Sid says to Dr. Asha that till now she has seen the humanity of him but now she will see love of Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani.