Things are not going to get on track so soon like many fans are expecting. Things will take its own course of action and time to get back to normalcy. 

In today’s episode, viewers will witness Sid and Ishani fighting with goons and then have some heart talk when they are tied to a tree by goons. While Dr. Sid is accepting that he loves Ishani and cannot live without her, Ishani accepts the changed fate and anyhow free herself and Sid from the rope.

However, Asha calls Vardhan who instructs her to ruin Sid’s career after ruining his personal life. After the phone get disconnected, Asha wonder’s why Vardhan wants to ruin Sid’s life. 

Sid comes back and got a call from hospital. When he reach, Shashank was talking to commissioner of police for a surgery. Commissioner of police insists for Sid to do operation as he heard a lot of appreciation about him from his junior. Vardhan get a shock. Sid reluctant but Shashank agrees that Sid will do doing his operation. When commissioner leaves the room, Shashank says that he is proud that he is teacher of Sid. Also, says that its going to a career turner opportunity for Sid. 

Since, the phone were stolen by goons, Sid sends a letter to Ishani in a ball. It says that commissioner’s operation is going to be biggest operation of his career till now. Ishani becomes very happy as she hope for his best of luck. Sid sees Ishani secretly. 


Sid talking to media that he is confident of operation. Somehow it appears that operation will not go well. Shashank asking devastated Sid that what happened at operation table. Sid on Shashank’s feet seeking pardon. 

For more such updates, keep reading this space. Till then, Let’s Get Buzzing!!