In today’s episode viewers will see Dr. Ishani learning truth about Dr. Sid’s operation and try to stop him doing that. But Dr. Sid is adamant of doing operation and escape from there. 

Dr. Ishani searches for him when she sees Dr. Asha mixing something in Dr. Sid’s cup. She got angry and confront Dr. Asha. Dr. Asha take a sip from the cup to clear her doubts. Although, she goes on telling her that he is her husband and whatever belongs to him is hers. Dr. Ishani asks Dr. Asha why she is ruining her husband’s career. She counters that she has no motive. Contrarily, Dr. Ishani has motive to take revenge from Dr. Sid as he has betrayed her in love. Dr. Asha is about to leave when Dr. Ishani stops her and says whatever she wants to do, she can do, but she will always be there to support Dr. Sid not as Rukhmini but as Radha. 

Dr. Ishani later finds Dr. Sid unconscious lying on floor of OT. While she was supporting him Dr. Juhi sees Dr. Sid’s condition through door. 

Dr. Juhi goes to Vardhan and they together decides to relieve Dr. Sid from all his duties. Dr. Juhi says she will handle board about this. Vardhan smirks thinking that his plan worked. 

Dr. Rahil and Dr. Ishani secretly take blood samples of unconscious Dr. Sid after taking his consent. 

Dr. Asha is waiting beside his bed for him to wake up when she discovers small tape on Dr. Sid’s hand preventing blood flow. She immediately understands that a blood sample is taken and reports must be in lab. She hurriedly enters into lift but get stuck. 

Here, Dr. Ishani comes to lab to take report. Before she opens file, Dr. Sid comes. He sees what’s there in report and get shocked. Dr. Asha is hiding behind door watching them. 


Dr. Sid says Dr. Ishani that he will take care of himself.