In today’s episode of Sanjivani viewers will witness the Dr. Sid coming back to his senses after Dr. Ishani ignores him. 

Dr. Ishani tells Dr. Sid enough is enough. She is doing everything in her capacity to help him but he is behaving like he has accepted his misfortune. So, she don’t want to help him. He can do whatever he want to with his life and his wife. 

Vardhan gifts Dr. Asha a major surgery for separating SidIsha. 

Later, she cries alone and Dr. Rahil consoles her saying Dr. Sid needs her. But she denies to help him more. Dr. Sid however, throw things to ease out himself after Dr. Ishani left him but can’t believe what Dr. Ishani said about Dr. Asha. 

Next morning. Dr. Sid is signing some papers and waiting for Dr. Ishani secretly. Meantime, he noticed that there is a stain in his lab coat pocket. Dr. Ishani comes and says if she would have been old Dr. Ishani, she would have done anything in her capacity to remove any kind of stains from him but not anymore. 

He follows Dr. Ishani in the lab where she ignores him. Then in cafeteria, he offered her Aloo Paratha which she again ignores. Dr. Ishani gets hurt in legs, Dr. Sid gives her helping hand but she ignores that too. Later, he follows her out where she is enjoying sun. Dr. Sid tells her to move on with her life and not to get tangled with him or whatever is happening with him. Dr. Ishani replies, he should put himself in other’s shoes, may be he will get to see changes around him. 

Dr. Sid and Dr. Neil are working in general ward before lunch time. At lunch time while he was checking inventory, Dr. Sid gets a sms from Dr. Asha that she will be busy in surgery so he can proceed for lunch . She cannot join him. Dr. Sid says Dr. Neil to go for lunch while he will join later. He discovered that one injection is less. He leaves the room. Dr. Asha come and write the inventory on a writing pad secretly. When she was going out she faces Dr. Sid who comes back to pick something. He questions Dr. Asha that when she was in surgery, how can she be there? 


Dr. Sid says to Dr. Ishani that he knows Dr. Asha’s truth. Dr. Ishani says he broke her heart. Dr. Sid vows to make things correct.