In today’s episode, Siddhu was saved by Ishani. They all are talking when Siddhu tries to tell about Asha but Asha interrupts. Asha insist on taking Siddhu to home but Sid said he will take him. 

Ishani prays in front of God that Siddhu is saved, now he has to save Sid also. Ishani comes back to hospital. Rahil and another doctor are pulling the door forcefully to prevent board members coming out. Guards came and forcefully pulls them from the door. The moment all board members come out, Ishani comes with patients there saying sorry. She says, everyone knows about what Dr. Sid has done in that operation but how he have changed lives, nobody knows. All patients tell their side of experience with Dr. Sid and give a good feedback. 

All board members decides to vote. Later, Anjali counts the vote and itt goes in favour of Sid. Ishani shares the good news with Sid. She says that he is saved with one vote of Dr. Shashank. Juhi watches them from a distance. 

Later, Sid overhears how Ishani has saved his career when two nurses were talking. Juhi comes to him and says that he is lucky. Sid says, he respects her and loves her a lot. Ishani overhears this and thinks that someone must have done something with Sid and she has to find out who and why. 

Vardhan angrily leaves hospital and meets Asha. He says his next move will be bigger than this. Also, he says, he has to do something with Ishani too. 


Ishani is talking to Siddu on phone. Siddhu says it was Asha because of whom he went outside house. He added that he found Asha when he was lost but Asha turns and pretend that she has not seen him. This deepens the doubt of Ishani on Asha.