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Episode starts with Rajeev getting furious at Amrita and doubts her for having an affair. She gets shocked by his behavior, while he declares that their relationship will get affected by her decision. He lashes out at her and taunts her to keep sharing her things with her lover instead of him. She tries to explain him about the truth, but he denies to listen to her and goes inside his room. Ranjini smirks seeing her ploy getting successful and enjoys witnessing Amrita and Rajeev’s argument. Whereas, the latter gets hurt and moves inside her room.

Here, Amrita prepares her dress for the puja and keeps her things aside. Whereas, Rajeev keeps working on his laptop. At that time Rakshita calls Amrita, while the latter gets worried thinking that she won’t be able to fulfill Rakshita’s promise if Rajeev finds about her surprise. She cuts the call but Rakshita keeps calling her again and again.

Rajeev gets frustrated and becomes suspicious. He ask Amrita to pick the call and proclaims that she is trying to hide her affair from him. She gets shocked by his nature and receives the call, putting it on speaker. Rajeev gets stunned hearing Rakshita’s voice while the latter ask Amrita about him and questions that if he is same as he was years back, when she left?

Elsewhere, Ranjini proclaims that she is buying gift for him and then cuts the call. Rajeev apologizes to Amrita for doubing her and states that she should have told him earlier about it. Amrita gives him a silent treatment and goes back to sleep. She sleeps besides Tara, while Rajeev feels guilty for suspecting her.

Rajeev then opens his phone and checks Rakshita’s picture. He then looks at Tara and stops himself from contacting the latter. He gets into dilemma and then sleeps besides his daughter. Meanwhile, Chanda misses Tara and ask about Gopal from Gauri. The latter keeps staring at Amrita’s photo frame and gets an idea to enter her house.

Ahead, Gauri ask Chanda that if she wants to meet Gopal and also play with Tara and her toys? To which the latter nods positively. Gauri smirks and says that the latter have to follow her advice for it. She states that they will bring Goddess in their tent and then will take it to Tara’s house for 9 days and will stay there.

Amrita and Ranjini performs the puja while Rajeshwari gets furious seeing her. Rajeev clarifies their doubt and proclaims that Amrita is not having an affair. Whereas, the latter prays for her daughter Chanda to be alive and wishes for her family and Tara. Whereas, she forgives Rajeev and says that she knows he loves her.

Further, Rakshita prays to get Rajeev and decides to go back to their life. She determines to get him, while Tara gets adamant to meet Chanda. Rajeev tries to console her, while at that time Gauri enters there and states that Chanda won’t be able to come as they have placed Goddess in their house. Tara starts misbehaving and gets rebel to get Chanda to play with her. She insists to go to Gauri’s house, while the latter prays for her ploy to get successful. At that time Rajeshwari says that Tara won’t go there and Amrita suggest her to shift their Goddess into their house. Gauri gets elated and ask Chanda to come along with her but the rain starts pouring heavily.

The episode ends.