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Episode starts with Amrita trying to organize a room for Chanda and Gauri. She insists Kotharis to open a guest room for them, but Ranjini denies stating that it is festival month and guests will keep coming into their house. She tells Amrita to be careful while allotting the rooms. Meanwhile, Rajeev also states that they will have to keep the guests room vacant, so that they won’t have any problem in giving rooms. He thinks about Rakshita and decides to keep her along with them. Whereas, Amrita gets worried for Chanda and requests Rajeev to atleast give mattresses to them, as they can’t sleep on the floor.

Here, Rajeev agrees to Amrita’s request and permits her to bring out mattresses from the store room. She goes to bring out the mattresses but gets shocked seeing the room filled with water. She says that they can’t use the mattresses as they are wet and becomes concerned, while Ranjini comes there and smirks recalling how she intentionally poured water there.

Amrita denies to believe that the water gets inside due to rain, while Ranjini ask that if she is doubting her? To which Amrita replies negatively. Ranjini states that Gauri and Chanda have habit of sleeping on the floor and they won’t have any problem with it. Whereas, Amrita couldn’t able to do anything else. Gauri glares at Ranjini understanding her motive but stays silent.

Elsewhere, Gauri helps the maid of the family in order to get into their good books. She determines to stay with Kotharis forever and proclaims that Amrita will help her to fulfill her dream. Amrita avoids talking to Gauri and determines to find about the other members of her gang.

Amrita ask Rajeev to make Tara sleep along with him, so that she won’t insist to sleep on floor same like Chanda. He makes the latter sleep with him and then continues to watch Rakshita’s picture. At that time Amrita comes there and talks to him about giving Rakshita’a room to Gauri and Chanda, as the latter haven’t arrived there. He ask her to talk to Rakshita about her visit but the latter doesn’t pick the call.

Ahead, Rajeev denies Amrita about giving Rakshita’s room to Gauri, while Amrita goes on the floor and sleeps there thinking about Chanda. She makes an excuse to Rajeev and tells that her back is aching. She gets emotional thinking about her real daughter and goes to check on her. She gets sentimental upon witnessing Chanda sleeping away from Gauri. She caresses the latter while she wakes up and notices the locket in Amrita’s neck and says that it is hers.

Amrita ask Chanda to hide about the locket. She also plans to looks after her daughter and determines ti save her form the thieves. She then looks at Gauri and sees knife with her. She then sees her own reflection who warns her not to involve Tara in between Chanda and her. The reflection ask Amrita to be careful about Tara’s life while the latter gets into dilemma.

Further, Amrita talks to Rajeev and says that he is right. She ask him to get Tara admitted to a school as she won’t be able to teach her properly. Whereas, Gauri gets mesmerized seeing several Jewelleries and thinks about stealing it. Meanwhile, Gopal enters Kotharis mansion and meets Gauri. He also sees Chanda and meets her while Amrita gets concerned for her after seeing her with Gopal. She thinks that he will try to harm Chanda and becomes worried.

The episode ends.