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The episode starts with Chedhilal asking Sargam to bring the bottle. Appu stops her and says Chedhi that another guy is ready to pay 8000 for the wine bottles. He says Aasha’s friend’s friend is a drunkard and is ready to pay for the bottle. Chedhi asks what will he say to Bagga who’s waiting outside. They give idea to lie that Aasha drunk it but Chedhi says none will believe it. They gives another idea to lie that Sargam used it thinking it to be rat poison. Chedhi agrees and is about to go when Aasthik’s sneeze stops him. He calls it wrong timing but Alokik convinces him to proceed. Chedhi asks Sargam why didn’t he give any medicine to him. Sargam says Aasthik is not ready to take it until he gets Guruji’s permission in notification. Chedhi scolds him.

Sargam is scolding Appu and Aasha for hiding it from Chedhilal. She still insists to say the truth but Appu convinces her against it. They all wonder what to do when Dhadhu gives an idea. They decide to puncture the bottle so that they can lie that the wine spilled due to the damage. Appu and Aasha says the plan to Sargam. Appu sends her in to bring the tool kit. Sargam leaves when Aasha is hesitant to waste the remaining wine. Appu scolds him but Aasha says that he will give it to Prakash. They wonder where to store it as Sargam won’t tolerate it. They find an empty medicine bottle and fills it with the remaining wine. Sargam brings the tool kit and Appu starts puncturing it. Aasthik gets notification from Guruji to drink medicine. He spots the wine filled medicine bottle and drinks it completely. Aasha and Appu gets shocked seeing it. Chedhilal comes asking for the bottle when they hide Aasthik.

Aasthik acts weird in front of Chedhi and badmouths him. He says that he has said whatever he badmouthed about Guruji to him. He says his Guru ji badmouthed him back. He kept scolding Chedhilal. Chedhilal throws the water at his face and Aasthik runs away after coming out of his trance state. Alokik and others run after him. Aasthik wakes up cleared from alcohol effect. He felt bad for whatever he said and says that he would confess all the truth to father. Appu and Aasha tries convincing him against it but he doesn’t listen. He leaves to confess the truth.

 Sargam approves his decision and Appu and Aasha packs their bags ready to leave the house. Aasthik apologizes Chedhi falling on his feet and is about to confess his crimes when Chedhi stops him. He holds Appu responsible for whatever happened. He thinks that Appu used Aasthik for his drunkard ad which he couldn’t do with him. He scolds him for dragging innocent Aasthik into the mess. Appu gets an idea and agrees to Chedhi’s claims. Chedhi scolds Aasthik for supporting Appu in his ad. Aasthik is about to say the truth but everyone diverts the topic.

 Chedhi asks Aasha Where’s he going seeing the language but Appu says that it’s also a part of his ad. Chedhi says that now he will do the thing that he was supposed to do long bank. He throws away the bottle when Bagga calls him and is ready to give 10000 for the bottle. Chedhi says he’s not ready to sell even for a lakh as he has his principles despite being a miser. Everyone sighs in relief.

Precap :Appu accidentally hits a buffalo and the buffalo owner asks the Awasthis to take care of it.