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The episode starts with Appu and Dhadhu coming home injured from marriage. Sargam asks them the details about it. Aasthik says that someone named Anant has cheated in their bachelor app and has got married ditching his guru ji. He says that he would never do it and will stay loyal to follow his guru ji’s principles.

Baba is at dining table when Sargam says that she’s worried about Aasthik. She fears that whether he would stay single forever. Baba dreams as Aasthik going mad following the principles of Guru ji. Baba and Sargam speaks with Aasthik to leave his stubbornness and get married soon. Aasthik agrees and Sargam gets happy. She says that she already spoke with her friend’s cousin who’s interested in him and excitedly leaves to call her.

On the other hand, Baba is happy that he agreed to marry but Aasthik reveals that he just said so that they won’t trouble him. Baba asks him to get married soon and live happily like Sargam and Appu. Aasthik says that they are not like that and says that only for the first five days per week they will be happy and fight for the next two days. Baba doesn’t agree with him and Aasthik challenges him that he will marry if they don’t fight for the next two days. Baba happily agrees for the challenge.

Appu is making YouTube cooking videos and Sargam gets some weird smell. She realizes that he added detergent instead of Rava in his cooking while he used Rava in washing machine. Sargam gets angry at him and they both fight. Aasthik gets happy seeing it and Baba gets upset. However, everything changes when they soon reconcile.

 Aasthik gets sad. Aasha asks him to-do something in order to create fight between Appu and Sargam. He wonders what to do when Aasha offers to help him. Appu is working in laptop while drinking milk. He leaves somewhere and Aasthik spills some milk on the table. Sargam comes there and Aasthik waits for them to fight. However they gets shocked seeing them all lovey dovey. Next, Aasthik prints lipstick mark on Appu’s shirt but Sargam didn’t even notice it. Aasthik and Aasha fumes as all their plans failed.

Everyone are at dining table and Bana teases Aasthik about his marriage with others. Appu takes a bite of food and starts leaving to his friend’s house. Sargam asks him to leave after having food but he doesn’t listen. Instead je blames her for controlling her. He behaves rude with her and leaves the place.

Sargam too leaves angrily. Aasthik mocks them back as they fought and is happy that he don’t need to marry. Baba gets upset. At night, everyone hears song sound and Appu dances for it and celebrates his first date anniversary with Sargam. He gives her a book and resolves their fight.

 Sargam too gives him a photo frame of their first chat and they both reconcile soon. Baba gets happy and mocks Aasthik that he failed in his condition. Appu and Sargam asks about the condition and they reveal it. However Aasthik cheats on his family and runs away denying to get married.

Precap : Baba and Aasha gets stuck with a bomb.