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The episode starts with Sargam saying about her cousin unhappy over her husband going half bald to Appu. Sargam is relieved that her husband have enough hair. Appu says about a company paying him to try their hair products and upload on internet. He asks for her help regarding the same. Chedhilal comes home and finds Appu shooting the new advertisement.

Sargam rushes to her cousin Geethu’s house as her husband is forcing her to go out with him to a marriage and she’s embarrassed to go. Appu asks her to help him apply shampoo on his hair before leaving but Sargam leaves hurriedly. So Appu shoots it with Eklavya shampooing his hair while Alokik shoots it. Appu asks Eklavya to use the whole bottle for it to look good. Appu washes himself in bathtub and comes out only to find out that all his hair is gone shocking him.

Awasthi family men looks shocked at Appu gone bald. Appu is worried about how to reveal it to Sargam as she hates bald head people. Aasha says that he has filed case against the company and they will get at least 10-12 lakh as compensation for sure.

Appu says that before that Sargam will file divorce and wonders what to do. Chedhilal is happy that they are going to get such huge amount as compensation and assures him that Sargam is very understanding girl and she’ll accept it. However Dhadhu is not sure about it. Later Sargam comes home and calls out for everyone. Everyone comes out except Appu. Chedhilal and others tries saying about Appu’s condition when Appu appears there in his wig. He lies that the shampoo did wonders and his hair is fully grown now. Sargam gets happy and praises the product.

Everyone in family are trying to help Appu get his hair back. Sargam is repairing Dhadhu’s wheel chair when by mistake Appu’s wig falls on Dhadhu. Sargam who’s bent down didn’t notice it while others gets worried. Alokik finds the wig on Dhadhu and Dhadhu signals him to help him. Alokik throws it upstairs while Appu comes down stairs. Alokik asks him to go back and wear it. Sargam calls Aloki for some work and he leaves.

Before Appu could get the wig Eklavya throws it down again. Appu and Aasthik climb down using a stick and Appu wears the wig. Sargam goes upstairs in search of Appu and Appu climbs back again. Sargam brings the coffee to Appu and he gets it. Sargam says that after the change in his hair style she loves him more. At night, Geethu comes home with her husband and complains about his lies. She says that her husband claimed Appu to be bald too which is why she should also accept him just like Sargam did.

 Everyone wonders how did he get to know about it while he thinks that he was lying to escape. Geethu decides to test and challenges her husband. Sargam accepts and Geethu is about to pull his hair.

Precap : Sargam goes to bath with the same company shampoo which made Appu bald. Appu calls her but she has already applied it. Sargam shouts from inside.