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Today’s episode starts with Sandhya asking Shobha to join them in making “Churma” for the function. Shobha is irritated and doesn’t want to go but then Manoj convince her to go and participate with other ladies.

Geetanjali Devi prays to Mata Rani before starting the cooking function. She asks Sandhya to help her while cooking, when Shobha wanted to help her she stops Shobha and tells that only eldest Bahu should help and not anyone else. Chitra and Shobha gets pissed off.

Roma comes to Aarav and ask him to check Whether Reema reached on the gate or not. So that they can meet. Then Geetanjali Devi inform all ladies about the especial tradition of adding sugar to the ” Churma” by all ladies at home. Simar, Sandhya and Chitra adds sugar to it but when Shobha cames Geetanjali Devi stops her as it’s done. Shobha get annoyed by this behaviour. The cooking gets over. Chitra exasperates Shobha. Geetanjali Devi asks Shobha to come with her as she wants to talk with her.

Vivan is looking for Reema and reaches her photoshoot but Reema was gone. He tried to chase her but missed. Meanwhile Chote Simar reaches the function. Aarav comes and inquires about Reema. Simar was waiting there and calls Roma to collect her dress. Roma asks her about Reema so Simar makes some excuse for her.

Geetanjali Devi is scolding Shobha for her behaviour. Shobha blames her for her father’s death. Geetanjali Devi slaps Shobha. Geetanjali Devi feels very uncomfortable. Simar asks permission to start the Bhoog.

Shobha is taking revenge by adding kerosine oil to the “churma” made by Geetanjali Devi. Sandhya meets a girl and her family for Aarav while Geetanjali Devi asks Gajender to take good care of them. Simar console Geetanjali Devi as she is distributed by Shobha.

Roma complains Simar about her dressing and ask her to wait while she changes. Simar sees Aarav and starts feeling love for him. Roma ask Simar to go from back gate.

Aarav is excited about tasting”Churma” but Sandhya and Simar stops him and explains him about Bhoog. Thereafter they started serving”Churma” to the guest. Gajender ask Manoj to have food but Shobha makes some excuse and stops them from having food.

Simar finds that the puppy has eaten Churma and is sick, she rushes for help and coinside with Badi Simar. They glance at each other.

The episode ends here.