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Episode starts with the thunderstrucking prophecy of the Brahmin. He adjoins that Charu will kill seven members of Oswaal to get the immortality. That churel wants to snatch all the happiness of Oswaals being a very powerful and dangerous witch.

Here, Masumi shows her some lizards on the wall for her meal. Charu snatches that lizard and swallows up. When Masumi and Charu discuss how the lizard got the entrance as they locked all the doors and windows. But Charu doubts at something. Then Simar and Aarav return from the Brahmin and hide themselves behind a thumb. Hiding themselves, Simar and Aarav watch all the evil activities of Charu. Masumi is rebuked by Charu as she left a window open. They both doubt that Simar did that.

Masumi rushes to the room of Simar, and shouts at Simar. At first she doubts that Simar is not there, but Simar and Aarav both act of sleeping. They both are asked to come down in the ground hall. Masumi asks how did she go out. Simar is confronted by Charu why did she go in spite having the restriction. Simar says she didn’t go anywhere. But Charu indicates that she cannot run from the view of herself. She mocks at her. When Aarav confirms that Simar was with him, but he is also rebuked by Charu. Charu threats her that he will be punished for his foolishness. Charu also reminds she will pick up one of them by tonight for killing. When Badima panics hearing her words, she is mocked by Charu.

In the midst of the conversation, Charu vanishes with her black magic. Everyone starts search for Simar, but Charu laughs at them after few moments she shows her evil activity. When Charu is continuously interrogated where is Simar, she indicates a Lilliput version of Simar on the floor. Being thunderstrucked, Oswaals can’t bear this transformation of Simar. They all request Charulata for saving Simar, then that witch makes Reema, Aarav and Vivaan are transferred into three doll. That statues can hear or feel but can’t move their body. This situation is comparable to the past 25 years of Charu. Badima, with the folded hands, requests Charulata for leaving Simar. But Charu proceeds towards Simar for smashing with her feet. But she stops and mock Simar’s transformation.

Charulata brings a lizard to have its food as Simar, the lizard proceeds to kill Simar as the size of Simar is equal to ant. Then suddenly Charu swallows that lizard seeing which Badima trembles in fear and feels something hateful. Charulata forces Badima to have non veg food. But when Badima disagrees to do that, then she is threatened to kill first. Charulata then frees all of them, Simar, Aarav and Vivaan and Reema also. Simar says Charulata she will not let anything happen to Badima by hook or crook. Then everyone joins with each other to showcase their power and unity. But Charulata doesn’t get any fear, instead she starts to shout at them. She informs them she will not go anywhere. Again, she plays her evil activity to showcase how dangerous she is. She vanishes into the air and threats them, all of them will be deleted by herself.

Ahead, Charulata holds the throat of Simar but Charu is forbidden to do that. Meanwhile, the hands of Charulata are suddenly bounded by that root. Then Charulata losts her power, even Masumi couldn’t help her. Simar advices others to think something advance, because Charu will free herself as soon as long as the quality of the drug is maintained.
Episode ends.

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Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th February 2023 Written Update: Simar goes to Brahmin for any solution