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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. Rudra will captivate the whole Oswaal family with her black magic for his own sake. Meanwhile, Simar brings back Reema again in the house. But Mayakshi and Chhaya again conspire to disown all the power of Simar.

In today’s episode, Oswal members plan to give their life a fresh feeling. Reema wishes, that she would like to spend her life in a very simple manner. Badimaa expresses her fears about something bad to Simar. Badimaa says that, she is expecting someing omenous.

Simar identifies the sign and Badimaa explains it as “Pachmahabhut” or a door to body for the souls. She also says that Simar was standing exactly in the middle of that star when she got attacked and someone standing there means immense danger or death. Later Aarav runs to Rudra’s castle to take the revenge or to stop the curse.

In the next episode, Badima and Simar will come to old cottage to meet Sadhwiji for their problem. Simar will question the lady whether the death can alter. But the lady would confirm that someone will definitely die. Geetanjali devi with her folded hands will request them to give her a way and will lament to her for a suraksha kabaj.

Sadhwiji will assure to Badima that this time death will call another member instead of Simar, who is dearer than herself and most importantly he or she has already departed for the journey. Simar will be asked by Sadhwiji whether she knows or not get original indentity. She will insist Simar to remember and to save her husband by herself, only then she will win the battle by owning her old indentity.

A intimidating fiercely lady will come out from the locked room who is the mother Rudra. As soon as she will come out, she will start to rebuke Mayakshi and Rudra. The mother of Rudra, Kamakshi, will assure that if Aarav is killed, the power of Simar will be half.

All other members will be looked agitated in the danger of Aarav. Aarav will reach to the castle of Rudra. After seeing Rudra, he will try to fire, but the illusionary image of Rudra assures Aarav, Aarav couldn’t go outside without his permission. Mayakshi will agitate for the life of Aarav.

Why did Sadhwiji ask Simar to remember her past life? How Simar would save Aarav?
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