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Colours TV newly launched show “Sasural Simar ka 2” has garnered a huge amount of audience from the date of its launch. The gripping storyline filled with twists and turns makes it engaging for the viewers.

In the previous episode we have seen that Samar comes to help Simar but she leaves from there. She feels Aarav’s presence and tries to find him, while he comes there to meet her, but hides after hearing Samar’s voice. He goes back to Aditi’s car who brought him to meet Simar. She questions that if he met Simar or not? To which he replies that he have seen her but couldn’t able to meet her. She encourages him to meet Simar and reminds him about the love. He hesitates a bit but then agrees to go inside. Meanwhile, Samar tries to have a conversation with Simar but she avoids him.
At that time Avinash comes to her and tells about the alliance brought by Gajendra. He says that Gajendra cares about her happiness and wants her to marry Samar. She gets shocked, while Avinash states that Samar agreed for the marriage. He assures Simar that they won’t pressurize her and ask her to take her time to decide, while she replies that she is clueless. He calms her and says that they will always support her decision.

Ahead, Aarav couldn’t able to face Narayan and denies to fo inside the house to meet Simar. Whereas, Aditi prays for them. At that time she receives Simar’s message. She again encourages Aarav to meet Simar showing her message as a god’s sign. Aarav gathers his courage and goes inside the house but Samar stops him from meeting Simar. Aarav and Samar gets into fight, while Naina comes in between and takes her brother away from there. Further, Simar decides to deny for the alliance but stops hearing her parents conversation.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Samar will tell to Sodi that he and Simar are getting married. While Simar in recording room tells to Samar she cannot sing.

Will Simar marry Samar?
Will Samar gets to know that Aarav is Sodi?
Will Aarav take revenge from Samar?

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