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Colors TV’s popular show Sasural Simar Ka 2 is now gearing up for more drama as Aarav fights for his love and leaves Oswal house. He wants to run away with Simar and get married but Simar’s does not find it right and she refuses to go with him. While Geetanjali Devi calls the police and gets Aarav arrested. However, Aarav escapes from jail and breaks the marriage of Simar and Samar. Now it will be interesting to see whether Geetanjali Devi will accept Aarav and Simar’s relationship?

In the previous episode we saw that the guards come there and tell Geetanjali that Aarav has come to meet her and is telling them that he is the elder son of this house. Geetanjali says that he should not allow Aarav to enter this house. The guard leaves from there. Vivaan tells Geetanjali that he will take care of everything. Saying this he comes out of the house. Later he meets Aarav. Aarav tells him that he and Simar are married now. Vivaan gets happy for them.

Then he adds that he is sorry that he didn’t stand up for them when they needed him the most. He falls at Aarav’s feet and apologizes to him and Simar. Aarav says that it is not his fault. Geetanjali is shocked to see his actions. She says what is this Vivaan trying to do. Then she and others come out of the house. Geetanjali asks Aarav and Simar to leave from here. While Vivaan supports them.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Vivaan and Aditi will welcome Aarav and Simar to the house. Vivaan will place a Kalash full of rice and a kumkum plate in front of Simar. Simar will perform this ritual and will enter the house. Geetanjali will be shocked to see this.

Will Geetanjali Devi be able to forgive Aarav? Will Vivaan’s decision land him in trouble?