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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. Tara, a evil witch appears in the Oswaal family, tries to ivoke Aarav, but Simar saves Aarav somehow. Therefore, a venomous snake arrives and snatches the body of Aarav, meanwhile, a stranger introduces himself as a Aarav to Simar.

Previously we have seen, Aditi and Reema suddenly notices see that many snakes are coming towards their home. Then a Babaji plays the instrument and instructs the snake to the way of the forest. He feels that snake didn’t leave their house and tells that the snake will definitely return to take revenge for its injured love.

Nagini still watches them hiding herself, Simar notices something odd in the almirah, but when she opens it, there was nothing. In the morning, when Simar and Aarav wakes up, they both notice that a royal snake has climbed up their bed.

Simar attacks her with the pillow and it runs. Simar decides to return home for all these sudden vexation.

In the next episode, The lack of the presence of Sandhya makes her frustrated and the angst of losing of near one makes her emotionally weak.She doubts Chandni and her mother and also decides to observe them minutely.

Babaji starts to play the bin, Chandni is happen to lose all her powerful sense and prepares herself for transforming in a snake. When Babaji stops playing, he is requested to play again as she used to enjoy this sound from her childhood.

Simar is reluctant to believe the words of Babaji as he told her Chandni is not real Nagin, he adjoins that may be there is another snake.

How would Simar save her husband from the wrath of nagin?

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