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The episode starts with Sathya notices Divya on the way she stops for bike and gets down from it. Sathya gets shock to see Divya trying to jump in front of lorry. Sathya rushes towards her and saves her in the nick of time. Divya questions her why did she saved her? She might allow her to die. Sathya questions her why is she doing like this?

Divya tells her that Janaki kicked her out of the house and not even giving heed to her words. She says that her life spoiled. Sathya enquires to Divya what exactly happened on that day? Diva shares to her how did her ex. Boyfriend threatened her and kidnapped her. She met with an accident while escaped from him. Sathya consoles her.

Sathya asks her to go with her. Divya deny it reasoning everyone will stare her in wrong eyes she can’t able to bear their hurtful words. Sathya assures to her nothing will happen like this. Sathya takes her near the bike. Prabhu calls her and learns from her that she find out Divya and taking her to home. Prabhu gives permission to her.

Sathya takes Divya to home giving surprise to Anitha and Veerasingham. Sathya calls Indhumathi there Nirmala too comes there hearing her voice. Indhumathi comes there and notices Divya. Anitha questions Sathya why did she bring Divya here whom eloped from the Mandap giving shame to everyone?

Anitha asks her to get out from the house. Divya about to leave Sathya stops her. Sathya says to Indhumathi that Divya didn’t eloped from mandap as they expected. Prabhu says to all that someone kidnapped Divya from mandap. She met with an accident when she tried to escape. She was in comma last one year. She woke up yesterday. Sathya takes Divya to her room.

Indhumathi feels little uncomfortable and leaves from there. Veerasingham says they are giving so many shocks in one day. Anitha says Sathya didn’t bring Divya here instead she ruined her own life reasoning Prabhu loved Divya only. If she is near him old love will blossoms in his heart again. Veerasingham appreciates her idea.

Sathya brings Divya to her room. Sathya asks Divya to stay there till she convince Janaki. Divya smiles to them and shares to Prabhu that she is happy to see them both leading a happy life. If Prabhu married to someone else then she would have regretted. She adds that Sathya is perfect partner to him. Both Prabhu and Sathya smiles to her. Divya standing in garden. Anitha and Veerasingham comes there to start a conversation with her.

Anitha pretends like apologies to her for misunderstanding her. Anitha questions her what’s her next plan? Divya tells them she has no idea about it. Anitha says to her Sathya living her life now. She might be in her place reasoning Prabhu loves her. Divya questions her Is they try to turns her against Sathya? Divya says Sathya loves her more then Janaki. She won’t betray her if they take any steps against her then she will the first villain of their life. Sathya feels happy to hear it. Anitha gets irritate to hear it. Veerasingham teases her. Indhumathi shares her fear with Prabhu about Divya’s return.

Episode end