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The episode starts with Veerasingham notices his shirt colour and Anitha’s sarie colour are same. He pinches her and tells her same to same colour he needs chocolate? Anitha glares him and questions him what’s this? He says to her if someone wearing same colour dress then that person wants to gift chocolate to him. Anitha complaints to him that he is searching reason to eat something. Bajal lal settu comes there with silver. Veerasingham questions Anitha who is he? Anitha replies to him that he is Bajal lal Settu. Veerasingham notices him and tells to Anitha its the first time he is seeing him but his name is very famous. Indhumathi comes there and greets him. She enquires his well about? He replies to her that he is doing good because of customers like Indhumathi. He informs to Indhumathi that he bring 50kg Silver as per her order. Indhumathi thank him and says Prabhu will transfer the amount to him through online. He nods and asks her to check it. Veerasingham complaints to Anitha that her mom is doing too much.

Anitha questions Indhumathi that Sathya is 45 kg then why did she brought 50Kg? Indhumathi says to Anitha its about temple matter. She prayed to god that she will give silver to him what if this Silver is not sufficient that’s why she ordered extra amount of silver. Indhumathi calls Sathya. She comes there Indhumathi asks Sathya and Prabhu to get ready tomorrow to visit temple. She wants to fulfill her prayer for Sathya. Sathya questions her why is she doing this early? Indhumathi replies to her already its late. She actually prayed to give these silver after her recovery. Sathya nods to her and leaves from there. Veerasingham says to Anitha that he has super plan to stop this prayer. Anitha asks him to share it with her. Veerasingham says to her that he is going to stole all the silver then Indhumathi can’t able to fulfill the prayer. Anitha bang on his head and complaints him that he is having birds brain. Veerasingham doubts why is she saying like this.

Anitha says to Veerasingham that she is not going to do anything to stop this prayer. Veerasingham questions her in doubt Is she changed? She replies as not ever. Anitha tells him that Sathya has no faith in god. Definitely she will do something to stop this all. We can use that situation against Sathya to stop this prayer. Veerasingham appreciates her thought. Selvi is cooking in kitchen. She is thinking about Saravana and takes his food in bowl and goes to his room. Selvi reminds Sathya’s advise to her that she shouldn’t enter inside any gents room. Selvi reminds Saravana’s sweet gestures to her and thinks he is changed now. She enter inside to witness Saravana is doing meditation. She gives the food to him. He starts eating it. Saravanan asks her to leave reasoning someone will misunderstands them if they see them together. Selvi leaves from there. Saravana starts vomitting the food. Veerasingham is smelling the food. Saravana comes there and notices him. He alerts him to don’t eat it.

Veerasingham says to Saravana that he is tasting special items without him. He wants to eat this food. Saravana tries to explain him but before that Veerasingham starts eat it. Saravana feels like yuck seeing him tasting it. He complaints that Veerasingham is not a human being that’s why eating such tasteless food too. Selvi wears the sarie which gifted by Saravana and goes to his room. Saravana and Selvi starts romancing for the song. Veerasingam notices Saravana is dancing in dreamland and wakes him up. Saravana disappoints with Selvi. Anitha and Veerasingham are sitting in hall. Prabhu comes there. Indhumathi informs to him that Silver is missing. She questions Anitha where is it?

Episode end.