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The episode starts with Prabhu removes the safety locket from his body and wishes to places it in Thulabaram. Indhumathi stops him by saying this locket saved his life. When he was suffering from fever she tied it on him for his safety. Why did he giving it to god? Prabhu replies to her that Sain asks him to give which is more important one to him. This saved his life so he can’t able to think about something else then this now. He says to Indhumathi that after Sathya entered into his life he feels secured. She will save him from all his toughest situations. Sathya smiles to him.

Prabhu places the safety locket in Thulabaram. Its goes down and Sathya weight decrease. Everyone gets surprise to see it. Indhumathi thank god for accepting her prayers. Prabhu is arranging his things while packing his bag for Agra trip. He checks whether Sathya is coming to that side or not and locks the door. He takes the painting out from drawer and places it inside the bag. He wishes to suprise Sathya. Sathya is keep knocking the door. Prabhu close the bag and opens the door for Sathya. She questions him why did he closed the door? Prabhu says to her that he was packing his things and leaves from there.

Sathya doubts why did he acting strange now? Usually he asks her to pack his things but now he is doing it alone something is fishy in it. Sathya checks his bag and finds out the painting in it. Sathya happiness having no bounds after seeing it. She thinks that Prabhu planned to surprise her. She tries to open it but changes her mind later. She packs bag then takes out her painting which she painted for Prabhu. She places it in her bag. Family are sitting together to eat lunch. Kodaikanal construction Manager Suresh comes there to meet Prabhu. He is heavily injured.

Sadashivam rushes towards him and questions him what happened? Prabhu and Sathya also comes there. Prabhu questions him the same how did he get the wounds? What happened? Suresh informs to Prabhu that Kodaikanal construction is in problem he can’t able to stop it. Prabhu question him whom giving trouble to his company? Suresh informs to him that Dharma who is a local rowdy of Kodaikanal. He is very dangerous person. Dharma is showing eating snacks one lady is knelt infront of him and begging. He is not giving heed to her but doing his work. He is pressing his leg on that lady’s husband neck. She is pleading to Dharma to leave him. She assures to him that she will return the money in two days.

Dharma removes his leg from his neck. He warns him to return his money soon. He is leaving him for his wife words. If she don’t return the money in two days then he will kill him. Prabhu questions Suresh why didn’t he complained to police station? Suresh replies to him that police is his friend. Even he has contact with politicians. Dharma is often sending his henchmans to create problems in site.

Yesterday Suresh visits site to stop it but they beaten him to death. Suresh asks him to change his position. Prabhu questions Suresh why didn’t he informed this all to him before itself. Suresh replies to him that he already informed this all to Sadashivam. Prabhu questions Sadhashivam why did he hide this all from him. Sadashivam complaints to Prabhu that he tried a lot to share this with him but Prabhu is not concentrating on business like before.

Sadashivam blames Prabhu for not going to office regularly. He points out that Prabhu went to help for Raasathi leaving office behind. Then he spends his days in hospital too. He complaints to him that Prabhu’s concentration is on Sathya always not on Business. He adds that his brother will never take any decisions in rush. Prabhu started this constructions business there even after he stopped him. He mentions him as lack of experience. Prabhu says to him that he started this all so he will finish it. Indhumathi says to him that Dharma is dangerous person. Prabhu replies to her that he is going to Kodaikanal.

Episode end.