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Today’s episode starts with Iniyan and Raasathi and their family waiting for Prabhu and Sasi. They reach to home. Iniyan question him did his business meeting is over? Is it successful? He lie to them as yes. Raasathi says to him he is lying because he went to meet Maragatham. Prabhu deny it and ask Sasi to nod it. He too lie for him. Raasathi says don’t need to lie Punitha informed everything to her.

Raasathi informs to him that its waste of time she won’t convince with us because they tried a lot. Prabhu says that he tried to meet her because these problem came because of him. Ponni says that Kanmani is behind her. Raasathi ask him to leave it don’t be guilty. Iniyan says they are like that only it will solve in one day. Ponni says that she is thinking Kanmani as good daughter in law she gonna end up in danger one day because of her on that day she will learn the truth. Sasi says that he will never give up he will achieve it any cost. Raasathi staring him emotionally.

Prabhu questioning Iniyan that why did Maragatham hating her this much? He replies its an long story. Maragatham wish to make him marry to rich girl. On that time Raasathi is not rich more then she is fat. Kanmani unlike her so she accepted her. But his mom treated her well. He too hate Raasathi a lot but later he understand her good heart and living happily with her. He is narrating everything to him. Raasathi comes there and says to him don’t try to unite her with Maragatham because she will insult him for her. Sasi is walking in road drunken. He hears one voice. He is listening it and hears the song. Sasi is also singing back to find her. One man comes there and beaten him.

Kanmani informs to Maragatham that astroleger is here. Maragatham ask him to check her horroscope because she is facing many problem she lost many money in the election. He says that she lost in the election because Raasathi won it. When she is in this house she can’t able to achieve anything but she is getting success after she entered into that house. Its very lucky one to her. If she buy it she can get victory too.

Maragatham decide to buy that house to ruin Raasathi happiness. Kanmani ask her it won’t create any problem right? She replies she will take care of it. Gokula says to Kanmani she is not feeling good. She replies that Raasathi insulted her so she might take revenge on her. Raasathi brings sweet to Prabhu. Indhumathi calls Prabhu and talking with him so Sasi eat Prabhu sweet too. Prabhu beat him.

Kanmani and Gokula reach the owner house and talking with him. She ask him to sale the house she is ready to give him 25lakh rs. No one will buy it in this rate he is thinking about it and inform them Raasathi is living there and paying rent on time. Kanmani manipulating him to take decision favour to him. Maragatham ask her husband to give money to buy new house for Kumaran and Kanmani. He deny it.

Episode end.