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The episode starts with Prabhu saying to Indhumathi and Sathya how should Sathya behave in Kodaikanal. She must wear sarie in traditional way. She wants to wear bangles in her two hands. She wants to put Kajal to her eyes. She wants to place bindi inbetween her eyebrows. Vermission and Thirunoor on her temples. She wants to wear beautiful ear rings too. She must have long hair. Indhumathi and Sathya gets shock to hear this line and asks Prabhu to stop him. Prabhu questions her why did she stopped him? He was going in a good flow but she spoiled it. Indhumathi questions him that she wants to go tomorrow then how will she get long hair? She needs lots of month to get long hairs. Sathya too nods with her. Prabhu says to her that she can adjust it with wig. Prabhu starts narrates to her about his expectations. Sathya wants to plait her long hair. Then must fill it with Jasmin flowers. She wants to cover her back with sarie edge in traditional way. Sathya gets irritate and mentions him as Amul Baby. Prabhu says to her strictly that she must call him as Athan. Sathya feels weird to hear it. Sathya complaints to Indhumathi that he is putting so much conditions. Indhumathi signals her to listen more.

Prabhu says to Sathya that she wants to change her name as Sathyavathi. Sathya complaints to Indhumathi that he is asking her to change her name. Indhumathi questions him why did he doing like this? Prabhu says to her that Sathyavathi name is soft and melody to hear but Sathya name giving rowdy effect. Sathya pouts. Prabhu says to her clearly if she agrees to do it all then he is ready to take her with him. Sathya says to him that she can’t able to do this all. Prabhu replies to her then forget about this all. Indhumathi says to Sathya that he is ready to take her to Kodaikanal then why did she stand adamant not to listen him. Sathya pouts and says to her its hard to behave like that. Indhumathi leaves from there. Prabhu is getting ready to leave. Sathya asks Prabhu to change his conditions. He is adamant in his decisions. Sathya pouts. Prabhu bids bye to her and goes to hall. Anitha informs to Sadashivam that Sathya can’t able to listen Prabhu’s condition then how will Prabhu takes her to Kodaikanal. Its good that both are going to live seperately for 10 days. Indhumathi questions Prabhu Is he going alone? He nods. Prabhu says to Indhumathi that its good Sathya is not coming with him. She is not well if she come with him then she won’t get proper rest. Prabhu bids bye to Sadashivam and his sister. He about to go Sathya calls Prabhu as Athan.

Sathya comes down wearing treditional dress and looking so beautiful in it. Prabhu is staring her in open mouth. Not only him but also whole family. Indhumathi praises her beauty then asks Prabhu to take Sathya with him. Prabhu goes to his room and bring sacred rudraksha chain. He makes Sathya wear it then says to her that she must behave like Sathyavathi till its on her neck. He gets promise from Sathya. Veerasingham says something to Anitha about Sathya. She hears it and teases Veerasingham while rounding her long hair. Prabhu asks her to behave like Sathyavathi. She gets alert and behave like he said. Prabhu asks her to accompany him. Indhumathi questions him how will he get train ticket for her soon? Prabhu says to her that he knew well Sathya can’t able to stay without him. He knew well that she will do definitely something to go with him, so he already booked ticket for her. Indhumathi complaints that both understand about each other. If they can read each other mind then why did they call her to solve their issues.

Indhumathi feels happy for them. Sathya bids bye to all and leaves. They reaches to Kodaikanal. Prabhu showing places to Sathya. One thief is following them. He steals Prabhu’s bag and runs from there. Sathya alerts Prabhu. Both are running behind him.

Episode end.