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Today episode starts with Prabhu and Sasi is sitting in the round and doing boxing signals there. Sasi is acting like fighting with someone and punching on him. Prabhu asking to him what did he doing? He replies to him that he was practicing how to practice on punching bag. He ask Prabhu to do the same? Prabhu replies to him he will do it once they bring it.

Sasi ask him to do it because its placed near him this is same as Arjun used in the movie. Prabhu tease him by saying its not same one. Didn’t he noticed when Arjun punching on it punching bag go here and there in seconds. But look at this how hard it is. If we punch on it what will be our hand state? Sasi ask to him then what is punching bag? He refers it as Tamil word punchu and synch, Punching bag. Its not the same one.

Sasi ask to him then what was that pointing the punching bag near him. He replies to him its used to take rest like this he bend near it. Sasi believe him. Coach comes there and ask them to do the warm up? He ask him to bring the punching bag. Three guys comes there and carry it then tied it with rope. Coach ask him to punch on it and do warm up.


Prabhu thinks Sasi was right he was the one have no idea about it. He ask to the coach Is this punching bag? He replies as yes. Prabhu starts punching it but it didn’t move a little bit. Coach ask to him did he really know boxing or not? Prabhu replies to him that he lost touch that’s why. He start to punch again but went in vain.

 Coach question him Is he touching it gently punch hardly on it then only his hands will get strong. Prabhu punch on it hardly but he flies away. Sasi says to him stop joking and punch on it. He punched hardly and shouts in pain.


Sathya waiting for Prabhu in home. He comes there hiding his hand. She ask to him why did he looking so dull? He replies to her that Sasi father is not well that’s why. He excused her and go to sleep. Sathya find out the wound in his hand and apply oinment in his hand he noticed it and pretend to sleep. Next few days Prabhu practicing the boxing seriously and Sathya was busy in doing work in the workshop.


Mandapoona ask Makan to notice Pana manda sitting there silently. He replies to him that his mom asking money to him for Diwali. Makan says to him he can understand it because he was also facing same situation. Let celebrate diwali next year we don’t wanna disturb Sathya. Prabhu and Sathya comes there and give leave to them for Diwali. They closed the shops and left from there. Sathya and Prabhu stops them and gift them Diwali gift.

Makan ask to her what’s the need of it all? Sathya ask them to enjoy the diwali with his family. Prabhu says to her if it continues nothing will be in her hand. Sathya says to him its all giving happiness to her.

Prabhu staring her lovingly. He says to her he done some good deeds in his last birth. Then leaves from there Sathya staring him confused. Sathya applying oil to Prabhu. He is asking her to leave him. She replies to him she just started. Episode end.