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The episode starts with Sasi is talking with Slum people. He is enquiring their name and the things then allowing one by one to go inside the ward to meet Sathya. First one mentions his name to Sasi and enters into see Sathya. He enquires about Sathya’s health and leaves. Like this many persons giving their name and meets Sathya. They are making fun of Sasi before entering into the ward. One physically challenged person comes there and enters into Sathya’s room. Seeing him everyone gets surprise. Sathya questions him why is he here? He replies to Sathya that he can’t able to see her in this state. He prays for her by saying he gives the prasad to Prabhu. Prabhu places it on Sathya’s temple. He informs to Sathya that he done Angapradashanam for her. Then he will walk on 108 steps in temple if she gets well. Sathya and Prabhu staring him emotionally. He asks Prabhu to take care of Sathya and leaves from there.

Chief doctor, nurse are watching that pysically challenged person care on Sathya. Nurse informs to Chief doctor that not only their treatment saved Sathya but also their prayer. Indhumathi comes to meet Sathya with lunch. Prabhu stares her happily. Indhumathi says to Sathya that she is going to feed her. Prabhu asks Indhumathi to give food to Sathya he is going to buy medicine for Sathya. Sathya signals to Indhumathi. She stares her in questioning way? Sathya signals to her again she seems understand her. Indhumathi stops Prabhu and says to him that Sathya don’t likes to eat with her hand. She wishes to eat with Prabhu’s hand.

Prabhu smiles to Sathya then he takes food for her. He starts to feed her with spoon. Sathya refuses to eat reasoning that she wishes to eat with his hands. Prabhu starts feeding her. Romantic songs plays at the backround. Sathya stomach is full so she asks him to eat rest. Prabhu tastes it and complaints there is no salt in it. Sathya replies that she didn’t find any taste difference in it. It’s very tasty because Prabhu fed her. Indhumathi hears Prabhu’s sound from kitchen. She notices him ordering everyone to cook well for Sathya. Indhumathi and Soumya feels happy to see Prabhu’s change over.

Episode end