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The episode starts with Anitha, Sadashivam, Saravana and Veerasingham are disappoints with Indhumathi’s decision. Anitha says to Sadashivam that Indhumathi going to donates 45kg silver to temple for Sathya. She can’t able to tolerate her love on Sathya. Veerasingham says to Anitha that Indhumathi turns to be mad. She is in Sathya’s magic.

Anitha agrees with him. Anitha asks Sadhasivam to do something in it. He is thinking for a way. Veerasingham says to Anitha that he has an idea. He asks Anitha to jumps infront of Lorry. If she is also admit in hospital then Indhumathi will donates 67kg silver for her.

Comparing to Sathya, Anitha is weighter then her. So he can correct the priest and get all the silver from him. We can use that silver to start their business. Anitha appreciates him and asks him to jump infront of lorry. Veerasingham complaints that they will hit and drive away. Anitha replies to him that she wishes to see it.

Veerasingham questions Sadhasivam Is he wrong? He leaves without replying to him. He asks to Saravana? He questions him back what if Anitha dies in an accident? Veerasingham replies if she dies he will get new wife orelse silver. Saravana thinks he is dangerous comedian. Prabhu is thinking about Indhumathi’s word. He reminds the way she complaints that Prabhu used to insult Sathya always.

He compares the situation with her words where he lashing out at Sathya damaging her character. Then he reminds Indhumathi complaints to him that Prabhu never treated Sathya as wife and tortures her to hell. Prabhu gets flashes of Sathya’s word where she said to him that she fed up living an doll’s life. She can’t able to live with him in the doubts whether Prabhu love her or not? Prabhu feels sad thinking about it all. Vignesh notices him losts in his thoughts.

Vignesh enquires about Sathya’s state. Prabhu informs to him that Sathya is doing well. Prabhu shares to him that he wishes to gift something to Sathya which wants to make her happy to the core. He wants to prove his love to her. Vignesh asks him to complete the drawing for Sathya. Prabhu reminds the way Vignesh advised to Prabhu complete the drawing after understand the meaning behind it. Prabhu thanks Vignesh and hugs him. Prabhu notices the drawing and reminds the day how did Sathya gifted him the drawing and asked him to complete it. Prabhu says to the drawing that he accepted her as his wife.

Prabhu is drawing the eyes of the picture thinking about Sathya’s eyes, then nose. Indhumathi notices Prabhu drawing the picture. Prabhu says to the drawing that his baby will looks like small rowdy baby. He loves her a lot. He going to surprise her with the drawing. Indhumathi feels happy to see it. Prabhu is dancing in happiness.

Episode end.