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Today episode starts with Saravana asking to Selvi to accept his gift. She refuse to accept it reasoning he shouldn’t gift anything to a servant. He smartly locked her by saying her dad strictly ordered to everyone in our house not to come here but she is here so he can inform this to his dad.

Selvi pleads to him not to share this to Sadashivam. He ask her to accept the sarie if he wanna hide the matters from his dad. Selvi hesitate to get it from him but he forcefully place it on her hand and caressed her hands in dirty mind. Selvi takes back her hands in tension. He smirks and leaves from there.

Anitha and Veerasingham reach infront of Sathya house and hesitate to go in seeing the door was closed. How could she finds out whether her family members were in or not? Veerasingham says to her nothing to worry his family has special talent in evesdropping by saying this he tries to listen what’s going inside. Latter Sathya grandmother opens the door unexpectedly Veerasingham fell on her feet without balance. Seeing him Saravanan got alert.

Nirmala  and Indhumathi surprise too see Anitha there. Saravan informs to Prabhu. If she sees him then she will inform this news to Sadashivam. He points the room and says to Prabhu he will hide there but Sathya ask him to hide in Nirmala room. Prabhu ask to her why did she send him in. Sathya replies to him mother and son can manage so don’t worry. Grandma question Veerasingham why did he fell on her feet? He lies to her its Diwali that’s why. She welcomes him in.

Sathya says to her that none came to see them but she came she was so happy for it. Anitha replies to her she is not here to eat her home made food but to find out something. Her family members came out reasoning something she doubts them are here? So wanna confirm it. Indhumathi thinks she knew well her daughter is searching for a reason to argue with others. They says to her none came here.  Veerasingham provoke her to search everywhere.


Prabhu ask Sathya to stop her she let her do what she want. Veerasingham reach kitchen and smelling those items which were cooked. Anitha scold him and ask to search everywhere? She finds out Saravana there and question him why is he here? She about to inform to Sadashivam he informs to her not only him but also his mom is here. Nirmala comes out from bed and curse her son.

Anitha ask to her how dare she to come here even he ordered like that? Anitha about to check another room Indhumathi comes out by herself. Anitha ask to her why did she came here not respecting Sadashivam words. She says to her that she gonna inform this to him. Indhumathi answer to her she can do whatever she want but she will inform to him that she too came here. Anitha replies she came here to spy them. Indhumathi says its none of her concern.

 Sathya ask them to stop arguing and give pose for selfie. Everyone give pose. Sathya informs to Anitha if she go out then she will send this picture to Sadashivam and informs to him that Anitha the one who brings everyone here. She got shocked. So its better to celebrate Diwali with them here.

Veerasingham convince her. Soumya feels sad celebrating Diwali without her father. Sathya send the family video to Sadashivam to provoke him and make him join with the family to celebrate the Diwali with them.


Episode end.