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Today episode starts with Anitha mentioning the peoples gathered infront of Sathya house as slum peoples. Janaki ask Anitha to talk inside the house. But Anitha keep insulting them not even minding the place. Prabhu advise to her stop insulting them. She is talking to the area people the way spoke with her family.

 Anitha question him who is her family this beggers slum people? Those people got angry hearing it and ask to her who the hell she is to mention them in this way. Anitha argue with them back she will talk like that only. They ask to Janaki who is she? She is talking too much without respecting them. Anitha insults them again by saying slum peoples.

One of the guy said they can’t stay there patiently anymore because she is talking too much till they leave her for Sathya’s face. Prabhu ask them to leave her. Anitha didn’t listen to him and provoke Sadashivam to help her. He interrupt and ask them to stop shouting on her. One grandpa question him then why didn’t he stop her yet?

She was the one talked a lot about them in insulting way on that time he kept quiet but now suppprting her. Both starts to argue each other and hold the collar. Prabhu trying to separate them but went in vain. Sathya comes there and see it. Her eyes widen seeing it she rushed near them and separate them.


Sathya question the crowd why did they treating her guest in this way? Grandpa replies to her that Anitha insulted everyone he didn’t stop her too but supporting her. Sathya plead to them to leave her. They leaves them for Sathya and warns her to hold her tounge.

 Sathya apologise to Sadashivam for happening like this. She scold Kathir for standing quiet without separating them. He replies to her that everything happened in a fraction of sec. Anitha ask Sathya to stop acting she was the one planned this to insult him. Prabhu interrupts and says she was the one created the problems unnecessarily then blaming Sathya.

Anitha deny it and provoke Sadashivam. She says to them that they got insulted at finally. Sadashivam about to leave Soumya calls him. Anitha says to her she was the soul reason for this all. She lost the rights to call him as father. Sadashivam leaves from there angrily and Anitha too follows him back.


Nirmala says to Sathya she is also leaving because she can’t able to say how he gonna react then? She will go and convince him first. Sathya apologise to Indhumathi for the situation and says to her she will naver allow something end up like this in her presence? Indhumathi understand her and console her. She leaves from there with her family. Sathya says that Sadashivam was happy for sometime but everything went vain because of this incident. She blames Kathir for not stopping him. She goes inside disappointed.

Sathya thinking about the incident. Prabhu comes there and console her. Sathya question him atleast he can stop him why did he kept quiet? He replies to her that his mind was blank on that time he was helpless to do anything there. Sathya replies to him that its for good he didn’t poke his head in it. Its different when Kathir doing it and Prabhu doing it.


Sasi reach the boxing tournament place and saw everyone reached there but Prabhu is missing. He dials to Prabhu and informs to him that match gonna start in few minutes. He ask Sasi to enter his name there and go in. Sasi enters his name and go in. He gets surprised seeing everyone practicing well there. He even doubts Prabhu can win the competition or not seeing this all. Prabhu excused Sathya reasoning he is not feeling well so he is going out.


Episode end.