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Today episode starts with Janaki and her mom waiting outside for Sathya and Prabhu. Janaki complaints to her that they are getting late to come back. What they are doing outside till. Her mom convince her by saying they have important works to do.

Auto comes there so Janaki mom informs to her they came so leave the tension. Sathya gets down from auto first then Prabhu. She is helping him to walk inside. Janaki and her mom gets shock to see Prabhu condition there. They are keep questioning Sathya what happened to him? How did he injured this much? Sathya narrate to Janaki whatever happened in the ring?

Janaki scold Sathya for allowing him to participate in the match?  Prabhu supports Sathya and says to her that Sathya has no idea about this he himself participated in this competition. Janaki complaints to him that she can understand but she is the soul reason what provoked him to join in that competition orelse it wouldn’t end up like this. Janaki warns Sathya don’t dare to take any decision again without asking to him.

 Prabhu supports Sathya again by saying she done a good job. Janako complaints that her good deeds to others affecfing her personal life too so don’t take any decision without his permission. Sathya nods. Janaki leaves to bring hot water to him. Janaki mom advise to Sathya that her decision not only affect her but Prabhu too. She praise Prabhu’s decision and ask Sathya to take care of him.


Sathya giving hot pack to Prabhu wounds. He is moaning in pain. Seeing his condition Sathya starts to cry. Prabhu ask to her why did she crying? Sathya says to him its paining a lot right that’s why he is moaning. He deny it and point the water is hot that’s why. Sathya shares to him its hard to see him suffering like this. Prabhu replies to her that he too felt the same when she worked in workshop. He is happy now because she don’t wanna continue this jon again. She smiles to him.


Indhumathi watching the TV. Selvi comes there and hesitate to talk with her. She says to her that Selvi mom is still ill she wanna buy medicine for her so give her salary. Indhumathi nods and give her salary to her. Anitha snatch it from her. Indhumathi scold her for doing this to her.

Anitha complaints that her mom operation done in her money 3 lakhs still she didn’t return it to her then how dare she to barg for her salary. She wanna work three years freely here to pay back that amount to her. Indhumathi says to her that amount Sathya will give back to her then why did she torturing her. Anitha says to her Sathya can’t able to return the money so forget it.


Sathya, Prabhu, comes out with their luggage likewise Kathir and Soumya too. Janaki ask them to stay more but Prabhu says to her he wanna return Anitha jewels first. They bids bye to them. Indhumathi hear the car sound and gets excited.

 Anitha complaints she is overexcited to see that slum girl. She replies to her she regret gave birth to her by saying she ran out to receive them. She gets shocked seeing Prabhu wounds and takes Arathi to them. Sadashivam stop them and blames Sathya humiliated him intentionally she deny it.

 Sadashivam puts an condition to come in after returning Anitha jewels. Sathya gives it to her making them surprised. Anitha complaints that Sathya used Prabhu money. Soumya shows the newspaper to her which shown Sathya won the boxing champion title and rs. 5 lakhs. Indhumathi widen her eyes in happiness.


Episode end.