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The episode starts with Sathya announces to all that Saravana marriage will happen without any problem. She will never stop the marriage for anyone. Sadhasivam says to her clearly that he will never allow this marriage to happen without Prabhu presence. Sathya says to all its her responsibility to bring back Prabhu. Sadhasivam repeats to her that this marriage will never happen till Prabhu return. He leaves from there. Nirmala and Saravana follows him back. Indhumathi is crying for Prabhu. Sathya assures to her that nothing will happen to him. Anitha also consoling her. Veerasingham takes her from there.

Nirmala says to her husband that already their house has no peace. In this someone kidnapped Prabhu too. Sadhasivam asks her to chill. He reveals to her that none kidnapped him but his henchman done it. Nirmala questions him why did he done like this? Sadhasivam reveals to her that he has no option left then this. He didn’t kidnapped him to torture him but just to stop this marriage. He thought Sathya will start search for him forgetting this marriage. But she is adamant to do this marriage. He teases her that he will see how she is going to find him out? Nirmala complaints that Prabhu will create a problem if he comes to know that he kidnapped him. He deny it reasoning even those goons has no idea whom asked them to kidnap Prabhu. Nirmala slaps Saravana and complaints that they started doing wrong things because of his deeds.

Sathya is thinking about Prabhu in her room another side Prabhu is thinking about Sathya under goons custody! Sad song plays at the background. Mean while Indhumathi is praying god to save her son. She asks him to return her son fit and fine. Next day sathya meets her brother and conveys all matter to them. Mandapoona questions her whom kidnapped him? Sathya gets angry and says to him that she will kill him if he talks non sense. She has no idea whom kidnapped him that’s why she approached them to give an idea! But this fool is questioning her back. Makan asks her to be chill. He informs to her that Kaasi know all illegal activities area. Sathya leaves to meet him along with her brothers. Kaasi is singing Ghana with his friends. Sathya comes there to meet him. He greets her and questions her Is she here to call him to sing Ghana? Makan deny it and informs to him that Sathya’s husband is missing.

Kaasi questions them why did he bring her here for it? Makan asks him to give small clue about it they will follow it. Kaasi informs to them that he has no links with kidnappers. He used to sing for them and come back. They are very dangerous persons. Makan says that he forgot that Sathya whom saved his mom but he is not showing his gratitude to her. Kaasi says to her that Robert knew all kidnappers. He alerts her that their area is very dangerous one. He takes her to his area. Robert comes there and slaps Kaasi for taking them there. Robert learns from him that her name is Sathya. He informs to her that he has good respect on her. He wishes to meet her often but time didn’t allowed him. He offers help to her. She asks him to find out her husband. He sends Prabhu photo to group and enquires all about the kidnapping. Last he informs to Sathya that Paandy kidnapped Prabhu. They are very dangerous persons!

Episode end.