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The episode starts with Sathya reminds Chief doctor words, that Sathya must take walking practice to get well soon. Sathya holds her walking stick and starts walking slowly with the help of it. Sathya slips down and winces in pain. Sathya didn’t give up she gets up and again starts practicing to walk. Veerasingham is watching Tv in his room. He is laughing after watching the comedy. Saravana enters into his room and smirks at him.

Veerasingham thinks why did he give wrong entry in his room at wrong timing. Saravana asks to Veerasingham doesn’t he feel bore inside the room? Why did he watching Tv like kid. Saravana asks him to give company to him to drink. Veerasingham questions him how will he drink at day time? Let’s drink at night. Saravana replies to him, its bore to drink at night. We can drink at day time. Veerasingham deny it. Saravana convinces him somehow? Veerasingham agrees to drink with him in terrace. Saravana questions him what to do for side dish? Veerasingham replies to him that Selvi is here to cook for them.

Veerasingham goes to kitchen and asks Selvi to bring omlette and pickle to terrace. Selvi nods. Veerasingham and Saravana mixing up the drinks. Selvi comes there with the side dishes. Saravana notices her and starts his acting. He lashes out at Veerasingham for drinking in day time. He pretends like a good boy infront of Selvi to impress her.

Saravana adds that Veerasingham is doing wrong thing. He can drink in his room but why did he forcing him to drink with him. Veerasingham doubts why did he talking in this way? He notices Selvi there and understood his plan. Veerasingham takes the drinks and leaves from there. Saravana complaints to Selvi that Veerasingham forcing him to drink. He stopped taking alcohol. Selvi tells to him clearly that she is mere a servant here. Its none of her business.

Sathya again starts walking with the help of walking stick. Sasi surprise to see her. He praises her and wishes to inform this to Prabhu. Sathya stops him and warns Sasi to hide this from Prabhu. He asks her to say the reason but she didn’t. Chief doctor and nurse comes there and notices that Sathya is walking without the help of walking stick.

Chief doctor appreciates her efforts. He comments to her that he thought she will take atleast 6 months to walk normally. But her will power made him speechless. He asks her to take rest hereafter don’t give more stress. Sathya nods. Sathya asks him to hide this from Prabhu. He questions her what’s the reason? Sathya replies to him that he can’t able to understand this reasoning he is single forever.

If she hide this from Prabhu then he will help her to take practice. Slowly romance comes between them. It can’t able to understand by singles. Chief doctor questions her how did she find out? Sathya replies to him its very easy to find out the singles? Sasi gives hands to him and says he is also single. He glares him and leaves from there.

Selvi is cooking. Saravana comes there and gifts one sarie to Selvi. She refuses to accept it. Saravana is not ready to leave her. He forces her to accept it. Selvi keeps refusing it. He says to her that he is not treating her as servant but has feelings on her. If she wears this sarie then he will understands her having feelings on him too. He places the sarie inside the cupboard and leaves. Sasi plays the song. Sathya and Sasi starts dancing crazily. Indhumathi notices them.

Episode end.