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The episode starts with Robert gets a call. He attends the phone and talking with that person. He learns from that Paandi kidnapped Prabhu. He says to him that he can’t able to do anything to them. Robert apologies to Sathya for not able to help her in this situation. He informs to her that Paandi kidnapped her husband. Last week only they came up for a mutual agreement to don’t poke their head in their each matters. He says to her that he can’t able to help her in it. Sathya says to him that she don’t wanna create problem to him. She asks him to give a clue to him where will they used to kidnap persons. He alerts him. Makan reaches to Prabhu house. Nirmala questions him why is he here? He informs to her that he is here to take Selvi. Beautician is here to do make up for her. She thinks that servant wishes to do make up here. Nirmala informs this to Sadhasivam. He says to her that he has an idea to stop this marriage. He gives expired medicine to her..he asks her to mix it in facial kits. Then Selvi face will burn thoroughly.

Nirmala takes beautician from there. She offers snacks to her. Nirmala mixed the expired medicine in facial kits and leaves from there. Veerasingham comes there and notices it. He thinks that if he applies it to Anitha then she will give gift to him. Veerasingham takes the facial cream from there and sneaks into Anitha’s room. He says to her that he brought one gift for her. He stole one facial kit for her. She feels happy to hear it. He says to her that she will look beautiful then bride. He applies it on her face and hand. He is trying to romance with her. He thinks that it has been long he touched her. He scolds him for touching her in the name of applying facial mask. She asks him to get out from that room. She applies it all over her body in the greed of look beautiful then bride.

Sathya enters into goons area in her bike. She stops her bike and starts to walk there. Head asks his henchman to watch Prabhu there he is going to buy food for them. Sathya comes there and looking around. She is entering into their hidden place. Goons comes opposite to her. He questions him who is she? He informs to him that she is Prabhu’s wife. Head says to him let’s tie her along with her husband. When they about to touch her. She punches on their face. Some more goons comes there hearing her sound. Sathya fights with them. Prabhu hears the fighting sound and guess Rowdy baby came. Goon asks him to shut up. Meanwhile Sathya shows black and blue to them. Prabhu calls her as ‘ Rowdy baby’. She is busy in fighting with those goons. Prabhu tries to free his hand. Goons starts run from there seeing her.

Sathya runs towards the direction where Prabhu is tied up. But the chair is empty there. Prabhu is missing. Sathya searches for Prabhu there. She has no idea where is Prabhu. She kicks down the lid in anger. Goons shifts Prabhu to another place. Sathya calls to Prabhu. Goons attends the call and says to her that she can’t able to find him hereafter. They are going to roam around the city with her husband. Sathya keeps thinking about it. She leaves from there in her bike.

Episode end.