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The episode starts with Sathya and Sasi are dancing together in hospital. Indhumathi comes there and witness this. She walks near them in anger. Sathya and Sasi notices her coming so they stop dancing. Indhumathi questions to Sathya Isn’t she walked without using stick? Sathya pretends like shock and replies to her that she didn’t. She adds that she got heavy injury in her leg then how will she walk without using stick? Indhumathi stares her in confusion. Indhumathi says to her that she saw clearly that Sathya and Sasi are dancing together. Sasi asks to Sathya didn’t they caughted red handed? Sathya replies to him as almost. Sathya again starts acting like nothing happened. Indhumathi gives tough time to Sathya so she agrees with her. She informs to her that she started walking from today. Indhumathi feels happy and thinks a while. She asks Sathya to hide this from Prabhu.

Sathya questions her why did she asking? Sathya to hide this from Prabhu. She is very eager to convey this happy news to Prabhu. Indhumathi mentions her as stupid. She says to Sathya that she can use this situation to go close with Prabhu. Sathya pretends like innocent there. Indhumathi says to Sathya that Prabhu will help her walking. If she shares the truth with him then he will stop worrying about her. Sathya praises Indhumathi idea. Sasi thinks that already two episode going with this concept but Indhumathi asks Sathya to follow it like new one. Sathya signals Sasi to pretends like happy for her idea. He nods. Indhumathi asks to Sathya will she do this favour for her? She nods to her. Indhumathi feels happy and leaves from there.

Prabhu is checking the files and sign in it. He asks his manager to proceed this in meeting. Rest all files he will checks later. Manager praises Prabhu’s hardwork. He says to him that because of his dedication his company is in No.1 position today. Prabhu replies to him that he didn’t done much. Manager adds that Prabhu is managing business and taking care of his wife in hospital too. They takes their leave. Prabhu feels sad for Sathya and appologizes to her in his mind for not being with her always. Sathya is practicing her walking. Sasi comes there running. He informs to her that Prabhu is coming. Sathya pretends like taking rest.

Sasi informs to Sathya that Prabhu brings one gift for her. Its very big in size. Sathya thinks that Prabhu brings drawing for her. She starts blushing. Sasi asks Sathya to allow him to stay there to know what’s that gift. Sathya kicks him out of the room. Prabhu comes there and gives the gift to her. Sathya closes her eyes and opens it. Sathya shocks to see the walker for her. Sathya lashes out at Prabhu. She calls Sasi and chief doctor there. They are also scolding Prabhu for bring this here. Prabhu is in dilemma what’s wrong in it to gift walker to the leg fractured person? Sathya glares him.

Episode end.