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The episode starts with Sathya calls to Prabhu. Goons questions him who is on call? One of the goon inform to others she is his wife. Head attends the call. Sathya questions Prabhu where is him? Goon says to her that Prabhu is under their custody. They have no idea how come she find out their place but she can’t able to find him anymore! He informs to her that they are going to roam around the city with her Amul baby. He asks her to find him out if she has dare and cuts the call. Sathya gets on her bike and starts to ride it. Prabhu sits in between the goons controlling his anger.

One of the goon questions Prabhu why didn’t his watch showing time to him? Prabhu informs to him its smart watch it will only show time to him if he shake his hand. Goon praises the invention. He asks him to give to him. Prabhu deny it reasoning he has no idea how to use it then why did he asking this? He adds that he can’t able to buy such costly items. Goon removes it from his hand forcefully. He asks to others is it looks good to him? They praises it. Prabhu glares him.

Anitha feels like her whole body is itching. She doubts what cream Veerasingham applied to her its giving so much burning sensation to her. Meanwhile Veerasingham hands are itching. He thinks that he is going to get money that’s why his hands are itching? He then thinks it’s time to romance with Anitha and goes inside. Anitha asks him to come in she is searching for him. She starts to beat him for giving expired cream to her.

Another side Sathya is searching for Prabhu everywhere. Indhumathi notices all are sitting in hall. She questions them why are they sitting here instead of getting ready to leave. Sadhasivam says to Indhumathi that Prabhu didn’t returned yet even Sathya is not back. He can’t able to go there without him. Indhumathi phones to Sathya. She enquires her about Prabhu? She informs to her that she is nearing Prabhu. She asks them to leave don’t wait for them. She will come straight to there.

Nirmala says to Sadhasivam that Sathya won’t bring Prabhu on time! Then why did he hesitating to go there? If they didn’t go then Indhumathi will doubt them. Let’s go there and come back tomorrow reasoning Prabhu didn’t reach on time. Sadhasivam agrees to her. Indhumathi tries convince him. Sadhasivam agrees to get ready. Saravana questions him why did he agreed to go there? He assures to him that Sathya can’t able to bring Prabhu on time. Another side goon notices the gulfi and asks the driver to stop the car. He says to them that he needs gulfi and he gets down from car to buy it.

Prabhu notices Sathya standing opposite to him. He stares her. Sathya is talking with a flower seller she alerts her that one man is staring her. Sathya notices Prabhu there. She starts to follow that car. Goons gets alert and diverts her.

Everyone reaches to Auditorium. Saravana notices Selvi standing alone. He questions her why did she scares to see him? Already they are married and first night also over though she scares to see him! Saravana says that after all a servant she is. How could she wishes to marry him? Is she need this luxurious life? Selvi says to him that she didn’t need this life but trusted his acting as real. Saravana questions her why don’t she leave after finding it out then? Saravana says to her that he is trying in all way to stop this marriage. If Sathya forces him to marry her then count her days. He is going to torture her life long. Even Sathya can’t able to save her. Sathya reaches to Auditorium. Indhumathi questions her where is Prabhu? She assures to her that Prabhu will be here on time. He will bless the couples and leaves.

Episode end.