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The episode starts with the chief doctor says to Prabhu that he must be alert. He shouldn’t gift like this to his wife again. Prabhu nods. The chief doctor asks Prabhu to help Sathya to take walking practice instead of thinking weird. The chief doctor leaves from there. Prabhu helps Sathya to stand straight. He is helping her to walk.

Sathya keeps staring at Prabhu and pretends like her leg is in pain whenever Prabhu stares at her. Prabhu questions her Is it painting? She lies to him as yes. Prabhu keeps helping her unaware of Sathya’s act. Sathya asks him to take her out. Prabhu says to her that the chief doctor may scold them for going out. Sathya replies to him that Doctor won’t scold them because he asks them to keep practice. Prabhu nods and takes her out.

Sathya and Prabhu are practicing there. Sathya pretends to like her leg is painting. Prabhu worries for her. Something fell on Sathya’s eyes. Prabhu helps her to blow out the dust. Both Prabhu and Sathya lost in their eye lock. A romantic song plays in the background. The chief doctor comes there to see the crowd. He brings them back to earth. He advises them to concentrate on practice, not romance. Prabhu takes Sathya inside.

Selvi is cutting vegetables. Saravana comes there to drink water. Selvi notices his presence and cuts her finger unknowingly. Saravana comes near her and worries to see her hand is bleeding. He sucks her finger. Selvi pushes him away by shouting at him. She realizes that she dreamt it.

Saravana is still standing near the fridge. He comes near her and asks her to clean her hand. Selvi asks him to leave. She will take care of it. Saravana asks her to stop staring at him like a villain. Selvi again shows her uninterest in him. He tells her if she doesn’t like to see him then he won’t come to the kitchen again. He leaves from there. The chief doctor notices the crowd again. He thinks that Prabhu and Sathya are giving a tough time with him.

The doctor notices Sasi holding one of the nurses in a romantic pose. He shakes him. Sasi asks him to don’t disturb him. He shakes him again and asks him to behave in the hospital. Already Prabhu and Sathya are giving tough time him. Now Sasi too joined in that list. Sasi says to him that no one dares to date with him. At least he got one here so don’t disturb him. The doctor leaves from there. The nurse mentioned him as Brother. Sasi feels heartbreak. She says to him that her late brother looks like him. So she stared at him in shock. Sasi curse that girl and starts crying thinking about his fate. The chief doctor consoles him.

Selvi is taking dried clothes from the terrace. She surprises to see Saravana there. He asks her to don’t be scared. He gives one ointment to her. She refuses to accept it. He forcefully apply it on her finger. He asks her to take a rest. He pretends like helps her. She thanked him and leaves. Veerasingham appreciates Saravana’s new trick to impress Selvi.

Sathya is feeling bored. Sasi is playing the game in his mobile. Sathya excuses him and goes out. She notices one grandma is having a hard time walking with a wounded leg. Sathya holds her in nick of time. She takes her to her room. She thanks Sathya and takes Drishti from her. She praises Sathya’s smile.

Episode end.