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The episode starts with Sathya assures to her family that Prabhu will come here on correct time. This marriage will happen with his blessings and leaves from there. Veerasingham thinks will Prabhu come back or not? Anitha glares him. Selvi is crying thinking about Saravana words. Sathya comes there and notices Selvi crying there. She confronts Selvi. She informs to her whatever Saravana said to her. Sathya gets angry to listen it all. She says to her that he threatens her that he will ruin her happiness in her life after marriage. Sathya Sat’s to her that she will break his mouth for taking like this. Selvi stops her and says to her that he is right. She can’t able to live with a person whom hating her to the core. Sathya assures to her nothing will happen like this. Saravana is threatening her to back off from this marriage. She is going to live with him in the same house. She will never allow him to touch her. She asks her to stop worrying about it all and accompany her.

Sathya notices Kathir and Soumya reaches there. She welcomes them and enquires them about Kathir mom? They informs to her that she is not well that’s why they didn’t take her here. Soumya complaints to her that they hide everything from her after this much happened. Sathya says to her its not a good news to share with everyone. She asks them to hide this all. Soumya shares her anger on Saravana with her. Kathir asks her about Prabhu. She sends them away and take Kathir with her.

Sathya asks Kathir to think from Saravana point of view to stop this marriage because they will try in all way to stop this marriage. Before they are doing it they want to be alert. She asks Sasi to think from Sadhasivam point of view. She asks Makan to think from Anitha, Mandapoona to think from Veerasingham and finally Panagha mandayan to think from Nirmala point of view. They shares few plans to her. Sathya discuss this with them. Saravana confronts Sadhasivam and questions him where is his master plan? Doesn’t he assures to him that he will stop this marriage. Rakesh comes there with ticket. He gives his passport and ticket to him. He asks Saravana to leave from here in night flight to Singapore. He says to him that his friend will pick him from there. He can stay here 6 months. In this time Sathya will be tired in search of him. Saravana nods to him.

Sadhasivam asks Saravana to Leave. He asks Rakesh to take him out carefully. He strictly ask Saravana to don’t contact anyone after he went there. If he needs anything then he will contact him. Rakesh and Saravana sneaks out without anyone knowledge. Rakesh says to him that auto is waiting for him. He makes him sit inside and asks him to leave from here safely. He sends him out. Soumya starts searching for Saravana in his room. She questions Anitha where is Saravana? She says to her he may be in his room. She informs to her that he is not there. Veerasingham asks Soumya to contact him through phone. She informs to him phone is switched off. Soumya questions Sadhasivam where is Saravana? Nirmala question her why did she searching for him? She informs to him that she wants to do some rituals to him. Nirmala about to say the truth Sadhasivam stops her. He lies to her that he went to give bachleor party to his friends. Soumya questions her will he come tomorrow at least? He assures to her.

Soumya leaves from there to sleep. Nirmala questions him why did he lie to her? He informs to her that Sathya is watching them from far. He Informs to her it heard to Sathya. She will believe his words and never search for him. He asks her to stop tensed. She will reveal the truth to them through her expression. Sathya smells something fishy. Sathya takes Selvi to hall after make her ready. She asks her to sit in sofa. Rituals are going there Sadhasivam teases her. Pandith asks them to bring the groom there. Sasi comes out wearing groom dress stylishly. Everyone gets confuse to see him in that attire.

Episode end.