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The episode starts with Sathya and Soumya taking Selvi to hall while dancing for a beautiful song. They makes her sit in the chair. Nirmala and Sadhasivam reaches to hall hearing the sound. Pandith says to them that muhurth is going on so call the groom soon. Sadhasivam says to Nirmala in teasing way how will they bring the groom here? He may left India by now. Sathya goes near him and questions him what did he said in teasing way? Sathya complaints to him that her brother has no responsibility at all. Pandith calling for groom but they are standing here like statue. Sathya asks them to bring the groom. Sadhasivam complaints to her that Saravana went to attend bachelor party. Doesn’t Soumya informs to her about it? Sathya nods and says to him groom will come now. Just then door opens someone comes out wearing groom dress. Everyone gets shock to see Sasi in groom attire. He says to all don’t be confuse that he is groom just look at back. Kathir takes out Saravana from his room. Seeing him there Sadhasivam gets shock of his life.

Sathya smirks at Sadhasivam and says to him that he many doubt what’s going on here? Doesn’t his son went to attend the party then why he is here? She informs to him that party was canceled. Reasoning they cancelled the party because they don’t have enough drinks in party. She teases him that he went to airport but he can’t able to step in it. Sathya asks Saravana to get blessings from his parents. Saravana gets blessings from them without option. Sathya asks Sadhasivam to clear his doubt with Saravana. Sadhasivam questions him why is he here?

Saravana says to him that he was going in auto. Just then that auto driver take u turn and coming back to mandap. He asks him to stop the auto and see his face. He is none another then Makan. He tries to escape from auto but Kathir and Mandapoona blocks him. They threatens him to sit quietly in or else he would have end up tie the knot to Selvi with his broken hand. Saravana says to them that he will die then marrying her. Kathir asks him to die then by placing knife on his chest. He threatens him that he will enter this knife into him if he creates any scene there. Sadhasivam gets angry to hear it all. Sathya teases him and asks Kathi to take the groom to mandap. He forcefully take him to mandap and makes him sit beside Selvi.

Rakesh apologies to Sadhasivam for spoiling all plan. Indhumathi starts applying nalagu to Selvi and Saravana. Selvi mom do it after her. Sathya and Soumya too do it. Indhumathi calls Nirmala and Sadhasivam to apply it. Without option they applies it to them. Indhumathi calls Anitha too joins with them. She too applies it without interest. Sathya signals all to dance there. Kathir dancing there along with his brothers and Soumya Veerasingham too joins with them but Anitha takes him away. Sathya joins with them in dancing. Selvi is not all happy in this function.

Episode end.