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The episode starts with Sathya says to her brothers that Saravana shouldn’t step out of this auditorium here after. Kathir assures to her that he will take care of it. Rakesh apologies to Saravana for everything. He alerts him that they they can’t able to escape from there. Sathya peoples are watching them out. They are locked. Saravana says to him that he can able to stop this marriage without going out too. He shares one plan to him secretly. Sadhasivam enquires to Nirmala why did she sitting sad now? She informs to him that she was in peace when he informed to her that Saravana left India. But Sathya bring him back on time. Whatever they try they can’t able to win fighting against Sathya.

Sadhasivam scolds her for praising Sathya in front of him. He says to her that Sathya is not a scary one. She only bring Saravana not Prabhu yet. If it need he is ready to kill Prabhu and stop this marriage. Nirmala gets shock to hear it. Sadhasivam says to her he just said it If it needed only. He assures to her that this marriage will never happen. Indhumathi is sitting alone thinking about Prabhu. Sathya comes there search for her. She confronts Indhumathi. She shares her grief with Sathya. She questions Sathya where is Prabhu? Sathya questions her back Isn’t she trust her? Indhumathi says to her that she is doing this all because of her. She trust Sathya. She assures to her that she will bring Prabhu on time. Sathya questions her Is she eat anything? She nods negatively. Sathya takes her to dining and serves to her. Indhumathi refuses to eat.

Sathya feeds to Indhumathi, she stares her emotionally. Beautiful mom and daughter plays at the background. Sadhasivam and Nirmala are thinking about the marriage in their room, Saravana in his room. Kathir and Soumya in one side and Anitha and Veerasingham are in another side. Meanwhile Selvi and her mom fears what will happen tomorrow. Sathya takes Indhumathi to her room. She asks Indhumathi to take her medicine and go to sleep. She informs to Sathya that she will never get a sleep. Her son is in danger! How will a mother sleep well when someone kidnapped her son? Sathya assures to her that she will bring her son on time she asks Indhumathi to lay down. She massages to her leg. Indhumathi drifts into sleep.

Morning Kavitha and Soumya lights up the lamp. Sadhaaivam comes there and asks them to stop everything. He announces to all this marriage will never happen. He asks to Indhumathi where is Prabhu? Sathya comes there and questioning him what’s his problem? He informs to her that he came here after listening to her words that Prabhu will come on time. But till he didn’t come back. He won’t allow this marriage to take place without his blessings. Sathya says to him he will come. Sadhasivam complaints that she is lying to perform this marriage. Sathya calls ‘ Amul baby’. Just then Prabhu comes there.

Episode end.