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Today’s episode starts with Sathya opening the cover and gets surprised seeing money in it. Sathya worries who missed their money here? Panagha mandayan says to Sathya why did she worrying one fool lossed it here let’s take it. Sathya glares him and replies to him someone losted it may be for Marriage or hospital needs how could we take this money. She ask him to go back to work shop she will go to police station and handover this amount to them.

They will return this to the person whom missed it here? Sathya starts to ride her bike. Sasi alert Prabhu that Sathya reaction saying something else so he doubts she is going to police station. He ask him to follow Sathya bike. He too following her. Sasi ask him to drive fast and block her way. Prabhu too done as he said. Sathya gets angry when her bike was blocked seeing Prabhu car she smiles. Prabhu ask Sasi to clear her doubts. Sasi get down from car and walking near Sathya.

She ask to him why did they stopped her? Sasi ask to her in return where is she going? Sathya replies to him that someone losted their money in her bike so she is going to police station to handover this to them. It may be important money for the person whom losted it. Sasi says to her she can be good person but don’t be like saint. T

his money is not someone else money but Prabhu. He ask him to place it on her bike couldn’t see her suffering. Sathya stare him and gets down from bike. Prabhu thinks that Sasi blabbered all truth to her. He comes near her. Sathya question him what’s this all? Prabhu says to her he can’t able to see her suffering so accept this money from him. Sathya answer to him that she knew well he is doing this all to help her but she can’t able to accept this money. Prabhu ask to her then what will he do?

Its his money because he too working hard in that company. Sathya replies to him that’s she know but Anitha won’t agree with it. She is expecting money from my own hardwork. If she accept his money then there is no meaning in it. Anitha strictly said don’t take money from family company. Sasi says to her she is very genuine but they are not like that. Prabhu added that they done this all intentionally to trap her then why did she accepting this?

Sathya replies to him she know it but she won’t be like them. She wanna be win in honest way orelse she is ready to loss. Sasi ask her to give an idea to get out from his guilt because he is suffering a lot seeing her suffering. He is so stressed out because of it. Sathya apologise to him and return the money to him. She mention to him that she will accept his own money but not this because she can get money from her husband.

Prabhu saying to Sasi he can’t understand Sathya. Sasi explaining to him about her words and point of view. She is expecting him to help her in his own way other then family suppport. Prabhu nods in understand. Prabhu ask to Sadashivam did he send quotation to Raja industries. He answer to him he forget to do it. Prabhu ask to him why did he doing like this its an important deal to our company. He ask to him when is the last date to send? Prabhu replies to him two days before. Sadashivam says to him we can get this deal through illegal way. Sathya glares him hearing it.

Prabhu says to him strictly he won’t go in that path. Kathir comes there and informs to him we got Raj industries deal. He ask to him how comes uncle didn’t send quotation. Kathir replies to him he send it in his absense. Prabhu praise him and ask him to call him as uncle here after. Sathya says to Sadashivam don’t value people with their background but with talent. Sadashivam question him why didn’t he inform to him before sending it. Kathir replies to him he tried his best to inform him but he was the one avoided him. Sadashivam feels ashamed.