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The episode starts with Prabhu showing his anger to Sathya. He questions her doesn’t it look strange. she couldn’t able to walk few minutes before then how comes she fights with those goons alone? Sathya replies to him that she can’t able to see him getting him hurt so she fought with them. Its just an emotional moment.

Prabhu asks her to don’t lie. Sathya closes her mouth. Prabhu says to her that she already started walking. He questions her when did she started walking? Why did she hide it from him? Even Sasi didn’t said anything to him. He complaints that Sasi is also parteners in crime with Sathya. Chief doctor says to nurse that he is going to perform an oscar level acting now. Bhuvana alerts him that he is going in wrong direction. He complaints that he even forget his hospital due to Sathya’s craziness.

The doctor enters in and questions Prabhu why did he allow Sathya to stand there like this. He blames him that he is not taking care on Sathya. If he fails to take care of her then Sathya can’t able to walk soon. Sasi tries to alert the doctor that Prabhu already find out the truth. Doctor keeps giving lecture to him. Prabhu glares him and says to him that he is also a partner in crime.

Doctor blinks. Sasi alerts him that Sathya got caught. Prabhu found out all the truth. Doctor asks to Sathya what did she done? He questions Prabhu how comes he know the truth? Sasi replies to him that Sathya fought with goons infront of Prabhu. Doctor complaints to Sathya that she is acting alone without informing to him. He is stuck inbetween Prabhu hands now. Sasi shows to Doctor the proof of Sathya action scenes.

Table and chair were broken. Doctor complaints that she broke the hospital properties. Prabhu questions Doctor why did he acted along with Sathya. He replies to him that situation is not favour to him. Prabhu asks him to discharge Sathya soon. He escapes from there using this situation. Sasi tries to escape from there but Prabhu stops him. Prabhu starts to beats him. Sathya closes her eyes.

Saravana and Veerasingham reaches to temple and arranging everything for Angapradashnam. Veerasingham says to Saravanan that he is taking so much effort to trap Selvi. He don’t think that Selvi falls into his trap. Saravana replies to him that its very tough job to trap slum girls though he is confident in Selvi matter. He used emotional way to trap her. She may be worry for him. As per his guess Selvi is nervous. She is staring time often. Sasi is crying in pain.

Sathya tries to speak with Prabhu but he stops her. Indhumathi comes there and asks Prabhu to stop scolding Sathya. Sasi narrates everything to Indhumathi. She says to Prabhu that Sathya just followed her idea. She asked her to act like this to get Prabhu’s attention. Nurse gives bill to him. Prabhu glares both and leaves to pay the bill. Indhumathi appreciates Sathya.

Veerasingham says to Saravana that he is wasting his time. Selvi won’t come. Saravana says to him that Selvi definitely will come for him. Veerasingham notices Selvi and alerts him. Saravana acts like doing Angapradashan. Selvi feels bad for him and questions him why did he doing this all? He replies to her its all part of his prayer. Selvi offers help to him.

Episode end.