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Zee Tamil popular hit show ” Sathya” is all set to engage audience with its interesting story line. Audience are in love with the lead couple Sathya and Prabhu. We will witness the romance sequence in the upcoming parts. Earlier it seen that Sathya teases Anitha Now its will be seen that Sathya painting new painting for Prabhu

In the previous episode it seen that
Veerasingham trying to sneak inside the office disguises like Bhai. He places the painting in Ramesh place. Ramesh calls to Veerasingham. He asks Ramesh to place the painting inside Prabhu’s cabin. Sathya calls him and threaten him to return the painting to Anitha. Ramesh listens to Sathya and return the painting to Anitha. Sathya asks Anitha to do the task. Anitha and Veerasingham disguises like muslim girls and places the painting inside the cabin.

In the upcoming episode it’s will be seen that Sathya prays to her father to help her to paint what exactly in her mind. Sathya starts paint the exact picture Prabhu has in his hand to gift Sathya. But Sathya psinting little boy instead of girl. She paints the boy’s face resembling like Prabhu. Indhumathi comes there and notices it. She questions her Is this her new painting? She replies to her that he is her little Amul baby. Will Sathya gift this to Prabhu?

What will happen now? When will Prabhu shows the drawing to Sathya? Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tuned with our page.