Actress Dipika Kakar is entertaining the masses as Sonakshi Rastogi in Star Plus’s famous daily Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum.

After winning Bigg Boss 12 actress has won many hearts and now she is making the head turns with her outstanding performance in her on-going show. Diva already has a huge fan base who keeps on showering their love by making edits and gif’s on her. Well, while going through some of it we came across a still of Dipika Kakar and Deepika Padukone’s edit by a fan; in which the duos wedding look is compared and praised.

In the picture Dipika’s reel wedding look for Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum and Bollywood star Deepika Padukone’s real wedding look is almost similar. And without any doubt Deepika and Dipika both are equally looking beautiful in their bridal look. Check out!

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Show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is witnessing high voltage wedding track. If you follow the show closely you must be well aware of the on-going drama. In the show so far Rohit and Sonakshi is all set to exchange the garland with each other’s but the twist in the tale is making the audiences to skip their beat. Sonakshi’s obsessed lover tricked her and kidnapped her. Mahesh is currently seen forcing Sonakshi to marry him and he is troubling her to the extreme. Sonakshi is vrying for the help and soon she will get saved by a transgender. Yes, you read it right, a transgender will save Sonakshi from Mahesh and later, Rohit will come to know about Sonakshi’s location and will rush to save her. Mahesh will then threaten to kill Rohit and Rohan will save him. Ahead, Ronakshi will be happily married.

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