Starring Jitendra Kumar, Neena Gupta and Raghubir Yadav in the lead; web series ‘Panchayat’ won audiences heart with their outstanding concept. Here in our Saturday special post, we are highlighting 5 points why Panchayat was hit inspite of no strong language or any bold scenes; which is very common nowadays on web series.

Show Panchayat is a story of an engineering graduate (Abhishek) who gets a job as Panchayat Secretary. He got posted to village Phulera and initially finds it difficult to adjust in the village without electricity and proper facility. Towards the end Abhishek loved the village and the people out there. Without any bad language and bold scenes show Panchyat surely melts our screen. So, without wasting more time quickly check out 5 more points that made ‘Panchayat’ hit.

Impressive storyline:

The first thing that will fetch the attention is it’s out of the box content. Panchyat is far away from saas-bahu or sexy drama. It is a simple story of a simple engineering boy whose struggle began while adjusting in the village. But Abhishek got full support from his co-workers that made his life easy and effortless out there. From laughing, applauding to getting teary; Panchyat will make you go through many emotions with their story plot.

Women are no less:

Panchayat has a very strong message. Usually in the village Men and Women are still discriminated on the basis of gender. Panchayat throw a light on that sensitive issue to give a message of equality amid men and women in the rural areas too.

Powerful Lead:

Actor Jitendra Kumar never fails to impress us with his brilliant performances. Be it a Kota factory or a bollywood movie ‘Shubh Mangal Savdhaan’; Jitendra has a capacity to carry forward the show or a movie single handily. And in Panchayat too his portrayal is exceptional. Jitendra brought life to the character Abhishek and made each of us to relate with him to much extent.

Meet the real India:

In the show many times word ‘Real India’ comes which is true. Life at village minutely elaborates our Indian Culture. Right from how people used to be supportive at that time to how your pain is their own pain; Panchayat beautifully showed them all in their episodes.

Comdey at its best:

Show genre is comedy too and in each episode they will simply make you laugh. There is the scene in the show where Panchayat Secretary was given an order to paint slogans on village wall, creating an awareness why one should plan for only 2 children. This whole situation turned out intense and comedy after one of the villager protested against Abhishek. These light comedies in the show will impress you a lot. Also there is the wedding scene in the show where Groom after a word with Abhishek demands his rotating chair will crack you up.

Friendship matter:

Each episode of Panchayat had a little moral. When Abhishek freaked out how lonely he feels in the village his co-workers; Vikas, Brij Bhushan and Prahlad went up to him to spend a night with him. This scene will surely melt your screen.

So these are the few points that made ‘Panchyat’ to shine out.

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