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Episode begins with Khushi drags Viraj and Siya to a room. Siya and Viraj gets shocked seeing the decorated room. They notices food too. Siya asks Khushi that what is all this. Khushi tells her that this is picnic spot. She says that she saw child going to picnic with parents that’s why she arranged all this. Viraj is about to eat it. But Khushi stops him and tells him to feed Siya. Viraj lies to her Khushi is in diet. Siya tells Khushi that she don’t eat all this. Khushi tells them to feed each other. She thinks that she know they won’t feed each other because they lied to her about marriage.

On the other hand, Sushma says that she is relived now. She folds the clothes and keeps them in the cupboard. She hears a door knocking sound and goes to open it. She notices that no one is there. She assumes that Khushi must be behind that. She sees something and screams.

Viraj tells Khushi to not leave the room until he returns. He leaves from there with Siya. They goes to Sushma. Siya asks Sushma that what happened. Sushma tells her that she saw Raghav’s ghost and trembling in fear. Siya tells her that no one is there. Viraj tells them to take Sushma outside for fresh air because Sushma is in trauma. Dadi and Raghav’s mother takes Sushma out.

Viraj asks Siya that what happened to Sushma suddenly. Siya tells him that someone was there for sure. He says that he will kill that person. She wonders who was there. Later, Siya wakes up because of nightmare. In her nighmare, someone strangulates Siya. Siya apologizes to Raghav. She thinks that it was her imagination. She hears Sushma’s screaming and goes to Sushma’s room. She splashes water on Sushma’s face.

Sushma wakes up and talks in man voice. She points out Siya, Raghav’s mother and Dadi and says that they killed her. She says that she won’t spare Siya and she tries to attack Siya. Viraj holds Sushma. They ties Sushma’s hand. Sushma talks normal. She asks Siya that how she came there. Siya realises that Sushma don’t remember anything. She lies to her the latter came there because of her sleepwalk. She tells Tushar to take Sushma inside.

Viraj tells Unniyal that Sushma behaved aggressively and Sushma don’t remember anything. He says that he feel like someone is making Sushma do this. He orders Unniyal to keep an eye on Sushma.

Risha asks Siya to invest in 5 months plan to get double money. Siya and Viraj opposes Risha. Khushi cries saying that her plan had been flopped. Siya recalls Sushma’s behaviour. She sees blood coming from water tap. She calls Viraj. Viraj comes there and asks her that where is blood. She tells him that she really saw blood. He tells her that it was her hallucination.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Siya asks Viraj that if she is becoming mad. Viraj tells her that someone is behind all this.

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