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Episode begins with Raghav regains his consciousness. He wonders how he reached there and who tied him. He hears the breaking news which states that he escaped from the jail. Siya and Viraj comes there wearing mask. Siya tells Raghav that he was criminal when he was in the jail but now he committed another crime by escaping from the jail. Raghav could not see them properly because of screen cloth. He asks them that who are they and what they wants.

Viraj tells Raghav that the latter is criminal and laughs. Raghav tells him that court will decide that. Siya asks him that who said he will go to court. Viraj says that Raghav won’t go to court. Siya says that Raghav has no one who waits for him. Raghav tells them that they are playing the game well. He asks them that who are they. Siya tells him that it would be interesting when they don’t know the opponent. She says that Raghav will get freedom if he won the game then.

On the other hand, ACP scolds officers and orders them to find Raghav. She tells herself that Raghav’s lawyer brought a goon to take the blame of Tyagi’s death, then why Raghav escaped. She wonders if anyone kidnapped Raghav because Raghav is innocent.

Viraj set off fire on screen cloth. Raghav tells them that they are playing with fire and it’s a cheap game. He says that he won’t spare them after escaping from there. Siya recalls that how she learnt about her father’s death. Raghav coughs. Viraj and Siya sees this from laptop. Khushi shows the bracelet to Dadi which she made for Viraj.

Raghav unties himself. Siya tells herself that she will make sure that Raghav dies every second. He tells them that they can’t defeat him. He says that he won’t spare them after leaving from there. He adds that they have to win again and again to defeat him.

ACP Riya goes to Siya’s house. She tells them that they got a dead body and it looks like Siya. She reveals the time of the accident. Siya’s mother gets relieved hearing this. She tells Tushar that Siya met them yesterday so that’s not Siya’s dead body. ACP says that mother never lies. She tells Siya’s mother that soon she will meet Siya. Siya’s mother realises her mistake. ACP twists Siya’s mother hand. She threatens to break Siya’s mother finger. Dadi asks her to leave Siya’s mother. ACP says that Siya made a plan to take revenge on Raghav. Rashmi asks her to stop it. ACP orders her to tell the truth. Khushi sees this and she decides to call Siya.

Lawyer Sameer comes there and stops ACP. ACP tells Siya’s mother that Siya can ran away from law, but Siya can’t hide from law. Later, Siya meets her family. She decides to execute next plan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Raghav finds Siya’s bracelet which Khushi made it.

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 14th November 2023 Written Update: Raghav escapes from jail