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Episode begins with Tushar opens the door and sees few boys. They tells Tushar that they knocked the door by mistake and leaves from there. Viraj and Siya comes there. Viraj hugs Khushi and asks her that if she is fine. Dadi says that father daughter relationship is unique.

ACP Riya demands the truth from Rashmi. Rashmi agrees to tell the truth. She says that Raghav is an abusive man. She adds that no one write complain against Raghav. Riya tells her that not every police officer is corrupt. She says that she can understand wrong happened with Siya but she won’t let anyone take law in their hands. She adds that Siya should not have take this risk. She asks her about Siya’s plan. Rashmi tells her that she will take her to Siya.

Khushi tells Viraj and Siya that she is fine. Tushar tells them about those boys. Viraj says that he will keep Khushi with him. Khushi goes to pack her bag. She inhales a gas and loses her consciousness. Everyone goes to Khushi. Tushar calls the doctor.

Raghav tells himself that he know Viraj will come to him. He says that he know where is antidote and Viraj has to hand over Siya to him for antidote.

Doctor examines Khushi. He tells Viraj that Khushi inhaled a poisonous gas and they don’t have antidote. Viraj realises that Raghav is behind this and he says that he will kill Raghav. Siya tells him that Khushi will die if Raghav died then. He tells her that everything is her mistake. Doctor tells them to arrange antidote as soon as possible.

Raghav receives a projector. Viraj asks antidote from Raghav. He shows the injection to Raghav. He says that he took this blood from Khushi’s body and he is going to inject Siya. He adds that Siya may survive but baby will die for sure. Siya asks Raghav to save her. Viraj asks Raghav about antidote. Raghav agrees to say where is antidote.

Later, Viraj tells doctor to make sure that Khushi is alive until antidote comes. Siya says that nothing will happen to Khushi. Viraj recalls the moments he shared with Khushi. Siya recalls the moments she shared it Khushi.

Rashmi takes Riya to a place. She attacks Riya from behind and calls Tushar. She asks Siya to come there. Viraj tells Siya to go with Tushar. After some time, Siya gets shocked Riya. Rashmi tells her that she did this with Riya. She asks her to save her. Siya tells her that she will do something. Meanwhile, Khushi struggles to breathe. Viraj tells her to not leave him.

Episode ends.

PrecapĀ  – Viraj tells Raghav that game started now. Raghav gets worried about Siya. He asks Viraj that what happened to Siya. Viraj tells him to say goodbye to Siya.

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 16th November 2023 Written Update: Raghav understands Viraj’s plan