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Episode begins with Raghav orders Siya to stay in the shower as a punishment. He tells her to become pure because Aman touched her. Siya refuses to listen him. He tells her to do it if she love her family. She enters the bathroom and gets drenched. He asks himself that why Siya is doing like this. His mother requests him to forgive Siya because Siya may get pneumonia. He yells at her so she leaves from there. He says that he don’t want to do all this but it’s necessary to do this. He decides to stop Siya. But his soul stops him and tells him that Siya has to become pure because Aman touched her. His reminds him that what his mother did with his father. He calls Janardan. Siya loses her consciousness.

Aman gets kidnapped. He asks goons that why they tied him. Raghav tells Janardan to break the bones of Aman. Goons attacks Raghav. Raghav laughs hearing Aman’s scream.

Next day, Raghav admits Siya in the hospital. He tells doctor that nothing should happen with Siya. Doctor tells him to wait outside. she goes to get injection. Viraj comes there in nurse disguise. He says that Siya is Raghav’s life. He apologizes to her and he injects her. He says that he don’t want her to wake up now.

Dadi tells Tushar that Raghav would have forced him to make this video. Tushar refuses to answer her. He scolds her and leaves from there. Rashmi sees this and follows Tushar and stops him. She asks him that how can he talk like that with Dadi. He recalls that how Raghav showed Rashmi and her boyfriend’s video. He breaks Rashmi’s phone and warns her to stay away from phone and leaves from there. Dadi sees this. Tushar wonders that what about Siya. He thinks that Raghav is torturing Siya and he can’t do anything for his sister.

Raghav enters the room and asks nurse that what is she doing and where is doctor. Viraj changes his voice and tells Raghav to wait outside. He says that doctor will come. Raghav leaves the room. He sees doctor and asks her that where she went. He takes her to room and notices Siya is not there. He finds nurse unconscious and he searches Siya in the hospital. He wonders that why nurse took Siya and what’s Siya’s enmity with nurse. He realises that Viraj kidnapped Siya. Viraj takes Siya from the hospital.

Later, Raghav, Janardan and his team reaches the place. Janardan finds Siya and Viraj’s phones. He tells Raghav that they will find Siya. Raghav orders him to find Siya in an hour. Janardan leaves from there. Raghav tells himself that he will find Siya for sure.

Episode ends.

Precap – Raghav searches Siya. Tushar commits suicide. Dadi and Rashmi gets shocked seeing Tushar.

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 24th October 2023 Written Update: Raghav threatens Tushar