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Episode begins with Khushi hallucinates Raghav and gets scared. She screams. Viraj tries to console her. She tells him that Raghav will kill her. Siya comes there. Khushi tells Siya that Raghav will kill her. Siya tells her that she and Viraj are with the latter. Viraj tells Khushi to sleep. Khushi tells Siya to not go anywhere. Siya tells her that it was just a bad dream. She says that she won’t go anywhere.

On the other hand, Avinash recalls that how Khushi got panicked. He tells police inspector that usually he don’t involve kids in the investigation but he don’t have any other choice now. He says that they have to question Khushi without scaring her. He adds that Khushi will take them to truth.

Meanwhile, Tushar gives tea to his mother, Dadi and Raghav’s mother. He drops the spoon by mistake. Ladies gets scared. He tells them that it’s just a spoon. He says that Siya sent them there because they felt suffocated in Raghav’s house. He adds that he closed all the windows and doors. Siya’s mother tries to open the window. But Tushar stops her and tells her that police is keeping an eye on them.

Siya sleeps with Khushi. Viraj sees them. Siya recalls that how Avinash said how long she can hide the truth. She talks in her sleep. She says that she won’t let anything happen to her family. Viraj hears this. He thinks that he won’t let anything happen to Khushi and Siya’s family.

Avinash recalls that how Arjun died. He gets emotional seeing Arjun’s photo. His wife Nandini asks him that why he came there. He tells her that it’s been a year that he met her. She tells him that she don’t want to see his face. She says that she can’t see Arjun because of the latter and goes inside.

Police inspector tells Avinash that Viraj and Siya hired doctor to solve Khushi’s psychological problem. She says that they can use the doctor. Avinash opposes her. He says that Khushi is traumatized already.

Dadi watches Raghav’s news in television. She cries in fear. Tushar tells her that nothing will happen. She says that she won’t get rid of Raghav never. Raghav’s mother says that she can’t forget that she killed Raghav. She adds that she is dying every moment.

Viraj plays with Khushi. Khushi asks him about ghosts. She says that Raghav will come again. Siya tells Khushi that ghosts don’t exists. She feeds food to Khushi.

Unniyal calls Viraj. Viraj tells Unniyal to meet him. Avinash hears this. He learns that Unniyal is ex police officer and he is working for Viraj now.

Siya tells Viraj that doctor is her friend so he need not to worry about Khushi. Viraj tells her that he don’t trust anyone. He says that Siya is not fine too. Avinash decides to learn the truth from Unniyal. He meets Unniyal.

Episode ends.

Precap – Siya tells Viraj that they have to find Avinash’s weakness. She meets Nandini. Other side, Avinash questions Unniyal.

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