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Episode begins with Rajender tells Siya that they are with her. Siya’s mother tells her daughter that they won’t force her to stay in Raghav’s house. Siya tells them about Khushi and Viraj. Tushar asks her about Raghav. Siya tells him that Raghav is outside the house. Viraj comes there. Siya asks him that what is he doing there. Viraj greets Dadi. He introduces himself to Siya’s family. He says that he is running NGO.

Siya asks him that why he came there. He tells her that Raghav should be in jail and he came to help her. She tells him that Khushi want her to save her from him. He tells her that she don’t know him. She tells him she won’t trust him. He tells her that he lost his wife and he want his daughter to stay with his daughter. She tells him that Khushi don’t want to stay with him. She says that Khushi is not property.

Viraj tells Siya that she is like maasi not maasi. He says that he is Khushi father. Siya tells him that he is evil father. He tells her that there is evilness in everyone. He says that even Raghav is evil. She tells him that he don’t know anything about Raghav. He tells her that even she don’t know anything about him. He says that woman need men help always.

She tells him that she can change Raghav. He tells her that Raghav is red flag and he won’t change. He asks her to call him if she changed her mind then. He gives his visiting card to her. She denies to accept it so he keeps it there. He leaves from there. Unniyal tells Viraj that Siya refused to accept his help. Viraj tells him that Siya will come to him for sure. He says that, that will happen soon.

Raghav tells himself that Siya is behaving like this because of mood swings so he will make her like old Siya. He enters the house and wonders why everyone staring him.

Goons sneak into Raghav’s house. Khushi feels like someone came and she tells about her doubt to Raghav’s mother. Raghav’s mother tells Khushi that no one is there. Khushi notices goons and runs from there. Raghav’s mother tells Khushi to not come out of her hiding place. Khushi takes the phone to call Siya. Goons surrounds her.

Siya enters Raghav’s house. She gets relieved seeing Khushi. Raghav enters the house and notices house condition. He asks Khushi that what exactly happened. Khushi reveals that she beat goons up and they ran away. She tells Siya that she is strong and she did not get scared. Siya appreciates Khushi. Siya notices Viraj’s visiting card. She meets Viraj and scolds him for trying to kidnap Khushi. Viraj tells her that Raghav must be behind this because he can bring Khushi legally. She tells him to stay away from Khushi and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

PrecapĀ  – Siya decides to start new beginning. Raghav tells his mother that Siya is his life and Siya can’t get separated from him.

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 3rd November 2023 Written Update: Siya decides to fight